2024 China Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference 2024

Hong Kong · Shenzhen · Yiwu · Shanghai · Qingdao · Beijing

May 13 - 23, 2024

Introduce you to over 15,000 sellers in China

Meet over 1,000 sellers in-person during your tour 

Visit 5 cities in China where most sellers are located

Join 3 big events to promote your business

Join The Most Important Events in cross-border e-Commerce Industry in China

The Hui Summit TM, initiated by Shenzhen Hui Internet Software Technology Ltd in 2016, swiftly evolved into an annual gathering that drew participation from thousands of Cross-border E-Commerce marketplace sellers across China and various platforms worldwide.

Starting in July 2023, we embarked on a mission to facilitate the integration of professional service providers from overseas into the Chinese market. Our objective was to assist them in introducing their services, SaaS tools, and expertise to Chinese sellers while fostering trust and rapport. However, the initiative garnered significant attention from marketplaces, social platforms, and even US brand owners and sellers. They recognized the tour as an exceptional opportunity to connect with Chinese customers, manufacturers, and grasp the essence of Chinese business culture.

Each leg of the tour typically spans 10-15 days, during which participants traverse mega-cities, engage in events of varying scales, and leverage these platforms to promote their businesses or engage with prospective partners in China.

Promote Your Business and Brand to Over 15,000 Chinese Marketplace Sellers Via

We will start promoting your brand and business before the events start, this will allow sellers to get to know you before they join the events.

15K Sellers

Build Your Brand Awareness and Trust in China Fast

Join Big Conferences in 3 Mega Cities

Save Time And Money

Shenzhen Summit (South China)

May 12-14, 2024

The hub of Cross-border E-Commerce sellers in China where you will see hundreds of top sellers on Amazon 

Become A Makeup Artist

YiWu Summit (East China)

May 15-17, 2024

YiWu has world's largest marketplace and thousands of Amazon Sellers for small commodities with US$70 billion revenue/y.

Learn With Experts

Qingdao Summit (North China)

May 20-22, 2023

The international trade center where you will talk to hundreds of sellers in category of home, beauty, fashion, and more

The Tour Will Start from Hong Kong, and you will also have a wonderful weekend in Shanghai, Click to see details 

5 Ways to Let Over 1,000 Sellers Understand Your Business at in-person events

  • One-on-One Meeting

  • Private Meetings

  • More

  • Keynote Speeches *

  • Boothes

  • Featured Events

Meet Over 1,000 Chinese Sellers in 10 Days

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