Brow School Begins today.

In high school when I got bored (which was often) I would always doodle. Sometimes I would doodle my future signature (Caralyn Pitt, of course). Sometimes I would doodle flowers or song lyrics. But mostly I would doodle eyebrows. True story. I have notebooks filled with them. High arches, furrowed brows, thin brows, thick brows and sharp Elizabeth Taylor brows.
I use this story to help illustrate my love for that fuzz hovering over your eyes.
I can’t think of one single makeup/beauty item that is more important that eyebrows (maybe as important, but not more)
Yet, I get questions about it constantly.
I want to answer those questions. All of them. Which I decided to break into a few days.
Day one: Best Products.
Brow School. Day one: Best Products.


Tweeze: I know that there are much cheaper options than Tweezerman but none I’ve tried have even come close. They grab every hair so precisely and last FOREVER. Plus they come in really cute colors. I always get the loudest most neon color they have so they don’t get lost in my purse. I also get the mini version because they are just as good and they cost less. I have only bought these twice. The first pair I bought lasted 5 years and then I lost them (they were still in perfect condition when I did) and now I’m on my second pair.

Wax: I only use wax in between my brows and to get rid of peach fuzz around my brows. I don’t use wax for shaping. This is my personal preference just because I feel like I can be much more precise with tweezers and avoid wax mishaps. I also prefer hard wax because it’s just easier and less messy.

Trim: I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have to be this brand in particular but I bought this one and like it. You just want s pair of sharp scissors that are really small.

Fill: I really like this Ardell Angled brush because it has a little spooly on the opposite side. Two birds, one stone. Pretty much any soft haired angled brush will do though.

Filling shadow:  I choose to fill mine in with shadow instead of liner for the most part. Shadow clings to the hair instead of sitting beneath it and tends to look softer and more natural. Liners can be ok too but using the right color is SOOOOOO important. I can’t stress this enough. The quickest way for your filled brows to look fake or made up is when the color is off.  I find that the hair on your face is usually quite ashy. Meaning a gray brown rather than a red brown will look much more natural on most people (not including gingers). The other thing you need to look at is the eye shadow texture. It needs to be a harder shadow (so super creamy blend-able ones aren’t ideal) and it shouldn’t have shimmer in it. These are my favorites by hair color:

A BLONDE. For blondes who would like a subtle natural looking brow go with: MAC Eye Shadow in Omega
For blondes who want a bold brow try: MAC Eye Shadow in Charcoal Brown

B REDHEAD. For redheads who have light red hair and red eyebrow hair try: Anastasia Caramel Duo
For redheads who have dark red hair and brown eyebrows try: MAC shadow in Espresso

C BRUNETTE. For brunettes who prefer a soft natural looking brow go with: MAC Brun
For brunettes who would like a bold brow try:  MAC Brun base with MAC Stud brow liner

I’ll see you back here for class tomorrow morning, don’t be late! 🙂 Just kidding, come whenever you want. And chew all the gum you like.


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