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On average, a teacher’s day begins at six or seven and can end at the same numerical hour. Even if they’re not a math teacher, that adds up to 12 hours.

With approximately 180 days of school per year that equates to 2,160 hours of being a beacon of education. Of transforming minds. While every teacher’s educational presentation varies, everyone has the same goal. To make the learning environment less stressful and more memorable.

However, creating a stress-free environment begins with ensuring teachers significantly reduce the stress in their life.

We all encounter physical stress: A lumpy bed, repeatedly biting your tongue; these small doses are manageable. It’s the chronic stress that can negatively impact our physical and emotional wellbeing.

While the buildup may be vague and may not even be reflective on our countenance, the consequences will not only affect us but those in our immediate presence.

Signs of emotional stress are: becoming easily agitated, feeling overwhelmed, avoiding others or having difficulty relaxing.

Physical symptoms include low energy, insomnia, headaches, nervousness, clenched jaw, frequent colds and infections or tense muscles.

Combine those and being a beacon of a education feels a little more challenging. See, the chronic stressor of a teacher begins the moment you slip your shoes on. While you may not be standing or walking all 2,160 hours per year, poorly chosen shoes that do not support feet do not support feet no matter the task or activity. Sitting, slouching, standing, jogging, walking. Footwear that is not serving its intended purpose can cause lifelong, irreversible damage.

In a society obsessed with high heels, we’ve compromised our health for heights of fashion. Politician Michelle Bachman admitted high heels caused her headaches and for many that’s a minor repercussion for wearing stilettos all day. One outward sign is a pump-bump. A protruding blister at the back of the heal. Not to mention swelling and bursitis. Many podiatrists remark to seeing several patients a day with complaints to pain from their footwear.

In an effort to solve the problem with high-heels, some turn to flats. The problem is that flats with no arch support fail to absorb the repeated shock factors of your feet hitting the ground. Over time, this causes strain on your ligaments and tendons leading up to the knee. Once your arch starts to suffer, your ankle is affected. If the ankle is compromised, the knee and hip.

So are Doctor’s Croc’s the answer? Do teachers have to reduce their sense of style in the name of reducing their stress factors?

Three companies set out to not just address the crisis of poor craftsmanship and Lack or orthotics, but styles befitting of classrooms.


The Top Three Brands to Beat Chronic Stress:

DANSKO: A 100% employee-owned company that began more than twenty years ago by a husband and wife team, this Pennsylvania brand is rooted in simplicity and efficiency. Clogs that are comfortable, heels that feel good while making you look good and flats that aren’t flat. A local legend that is now infused in everyday wear, Dansko supports you.

AETREX: Founded in 1946, Aetrex is a global leader in the footwear industry and is renowned for its over-the-counter Lynco Orthotics. They also offer footwear with built-in arch support & ultra-soft memory foam cushioning. Recommended by doctors and podiatrists, Lynco Orthotics offers unsurpassed support, comfort and proper body alignment. Committed to Foot Health for Three Generations, their goal is to continue creating the healthiest shoes on the market with a fashionable, functional, quality edge. In 2002 they launched the patented groundbreaking digital foot scanner, the iStep, which can scan your foot and accurately measure it for size, pressure points and arch type within seconds.

VIONIC: Founded in 1979 through the works of renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli – a pioneer and innovator in lower limb biomechanics – Vionics creates life-changing footwear and orthotics. With the aim to make pain relief accessible without a doctor’s prescription, Vasyli creates orthotics and footwear in a stylish range of shoes, sandals and boots. Many Vionic shoes bear the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance – signifying safety, quality and effectiveness.

Ready to dress classy in the classroom? For more information or to try out the Aextrex iStep for your perfect fit stop by ELM Shoes on the square in Greencastle and start shopping. ELM Shoes. IT Fits!

-Your Missing Sock

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