Disney Princesses in real life!

I present you Nick’s favorite joke of ALL TIME:

Nick: Who’s the hottest Disney Princess?

Me: Esmeralda? Belle? Poca? Aurora?

Nick: nope. Maid Marion, cause she’s a fox. GET IT!? She’s a FOX!

So funny.

But really,  I’ve  had conversations discussing and debating who actually is the queen of the Disney Princesses.
“yeah, Esmerelda is pretty sexy but if that’s what we’re going on what about Meg?” or
“Does is have to be Disney cause Anastasia was a total babe.”
It usually ends up going around in circles for a while cause I really don’t want to pick one necessarily. I just like talking about ’em.

So you can imagine my excitement when I  stumbled on these beautiful paintings by Jirka Väätäinen‘s depicting what they might look like in real life!


I found this while I was trying to figure out which D.P. (Disney Princess) I should recreate for my Halloween tutorial.
As usual I couldn’t pick one. Help? Pretty please?

Happy Monday!


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