Fashion For Your Feet: 2017 Trends

2017 Trends

At the beginning of each year, projections are released from industry experts on what will be trending. Meanwhile the runway has set the standard for what your wardrobe needs.

These extravagant styles may help you fit in during fashion week, but at ELM Shoes we find shoes that fit you. Physically and stylistically.

Why fit in with the trends when you can stand out in comfort and quality?

Sophisticating Socks: We at ELM Shoes have addressed the fashion faux pas of socks and sandals. This year socks are making a comeback. Wearing them with a sophisticated pair of heels or wearing nylons with open-toed heels. Since neither of these are everyday looks and may be unexpected in your locality, a way you can compromise is thick stockings with heels and definitely waiting until spring to wear open toed shoes – sans nylons.

Flatform Sandals (the exaggerated platform shoe): Remember when Doc Martens were all the rage – some boasting a substantial sole? 2017 is embracing that extensive outsole with inspiration from Asian styles. The Flatform depicts a stable shoe of durability and eclectic tastes.

Since the height may be uncomfortable for you, wearing wedges can give you a similar outcome. Although the outsole may not be solid, you can gain a more secure heel than a stiletto’s spike.

Thigh-High Boots: For those accustomed with fishing in a body of water, thigh-high boots cannot be substituted with hip waders. If you don’t like tight clothes, being constricted, encounter swelling in your legs or feet, introducing your closet to a riding boot will produce a similar look. These boots general come up to your knees, sometimes almost hugging the knee cap. With endless options, you can achieve a stylish look without having to suit up. Moreover, you will be warm.

Slider Shoes: An elevated “shower shoe,” these can be great for slipping on quickly. However, they do not offer the most support. An alternative option is an open-back shoe. You get the same airy feeling, your toes are just not exposed.

Pointed Toes: If you have two different sized feet (it’s not a rarity; it’s quite common) or feel like your toes get pinched easily, the obvious answer is wearing a square or round toe. Also, consider wearing orthotic inserts so your foot can withstand the long hours your feet are encased in shoes.

Ankle Straps: These shoes are not created equally. Some may have adjustable straps or ribbons, but if you have wider ankles, this can be a very uncomfortable fit. If you are pregnant or have to wear compression socks, these can be substituted with Mary Janes. They offer a mid-sole strap which decreases the propensity for a tight, uncomfortable fit. Another style you can incorporate is laced oxford shoes that have a heel.

Sequined Shoes: For those who want to add flair to their wardrobe sequined shoes will accommodate your desire. However, once a sequin falls off it can be quite noticeable. For more durable yet wow factor shoes try multi-colored, patterned or snakeskin shoes. These options add dimension to what could otherwise be a plain black loafer.

2017 Footwear Fashion Trends

2017 is anticipating many more statements made through shoes. Mesh fabric, sculptured heels, David Bowie and Spice Girls inspired six-inch platform boots, marabou trimming or vibrantly solid white pleather.

With all these options it’s hard to figure out what fashion statement or choice you should make. Before you begin defining that 2017 statement, it’s important to know what your feet actually need.

At ELM Shoes we provide an analysis of your pressure points and your shoe size so you can enjoy your shoes for more than just a date night.

To begin discovering your perfect fit, call, stop by or browse our website for expert advice.

-Your Missing Sock

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