Finding Your Cinderella Shoe!


Did you ever wonder if Cinderella had shopped at ELM Shoes her footwear would not have fallen off at midnight?

For those of you who have not watched Disney’s 2015 remake of the beloved fairy tale, this September 15th you will be able to better scrutinize, from the comfort of your home, the story of how a pair of shoes – or at least half a pair – brought together one of the most famous couples.

But it also introduced women to one of her best friends: heels. High heels.

A girl’s infatuation with pretty shoes and finding her “solemate” begins at a young age, and as the years have passed; heels have garnered the attention of girls younger and younger.

This may be one of the greatest accessories to dressing up, but it can also be one of the greatest causes of chronic pain. Especially if they are not fitted right, hence the speculation of Cinderella’s shoe falling off.

So how can you have the pleasure of showing off your shoe style while ensuring you don’t skin your shins when falling from your high heels? 


Insoles: Insoles create an outward defense between you and the ground. Not only do they create extra comfort but they improve posture and odor control. Not only do you have the option to buy over-the-counter insoles, but also if necessary, local podiatrists can fit you with one that will form exactly to your foot for optimal performance.

Duration: How long are you walking and wearing your shoes? The higher the heel, the shorter the elapsed time they should be worn. The higher the heel, the more you are to feel the repercussions.

Alternate Shoes: When you are wearing heels, you are not exercising the right muscles intended for walking. Not only should you change up the heel height from flats to boots to everything in between but also changing your actual heels will help from overstimulating and using certain muscles, thus avoiding injury.

The Gap: Ever pull on a pair of shoes but your finger can still fit between your heel and the back of your shoe? Perhaps your shoe size has changed over the years or you invested in the wrong size to begin with – either way this is a detrimental issue to your foot’s health. The shoe is intended to envelope your foot in safety and keep it secure. If your foot is shifting around or out of your shoe, it will cause discomfort or can lead to injury. Sometimes you may have to compromise the style you like because even though they may have your size it doesn’t fulfill its job – even if you work your way up or down in sizes.

So, feel like finding your significant other… shoe? Who said Cinderella was the only one who found her solemate? Princess or Prince, at ELM Shoes…It Fits.

-Your Missing Sock

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