Foot Health Awareness: Taking Care of YOUR Feet

2017 Foot Health Awareness Month

Join ELM Shoes this April and all the days after as we recognize Foot Health Awareness and play our part in healing our feet one step at a time by discovering several frequently seen symptoms and how to overcome them.

Foot Health Awareness is about more than just diabetes. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Whether male or female. Wherever you live, you hope to live for the long run. And a long life begins with healthy, mindful choices. From head to toe, there are choices you make to ensure your body runs in its optimum condition. Just like internal afflictions can manifest externally, wounds and other abnormalities seen externally have a great impact throughout our entire physique, thus the potential to affect our physical appearance and general well-being.

When it comes to our feet, many common areas of concerns have visible symptoms. However, anytime you feel pain, discomfort or see something out of the norm, it is worth consultation. It is said that the average person can walk up to 75,000 miles by the time they reach age 50, so whether it takes finding the right fit or having a doctor’s intervention, you owe it to yourself to take care of the issue sooner than later to reach that milestone.

SWEATY FEET: The root of sweaty feet cannot always be traced back to shoes. While some textiles allow your feet to breathe more freely, such as leather and wool versus acrylic fibers, excessive sweating in your feet is just like someone who has extreme sweating in their palm or anywhere else on their person. Known as Hyperhidrosis, it is not only an embarrassing symptom for some but depending what kind it is can stem from more serious matters. Whether the treatment is medicine, surgery or adjusting your daily habits, the prognosis is hopeful so long as you pay attention to the warning signs.

HAGLAND’S DEFORMITY: The word deformity seems like it would be a clear self-diagnosis but often this enlargement of the bone on the back of the heel is overlooked. For many, it’s called the Pump Bump due to its occurrence from wearing heels and pumps too much. When not properly addressed, Hoagland’s Deformity can lead to bursitis – a painful inflammation of the bursa. Treatment requires visiting a doctor or restructuring your footwear as this is a primary cause.

2017 Foot Health Awareness Month

NEUROMAS: When you think of a pinched nerve, you often think of it located in your back or hip. However, your feet are equally susceptible to pinched nerves. Neuroma, typically found in female patients, causes pain in the front of your feet between the toes and ball of your feet, causing swelling, tingling, burning and numbness. Frequently caused by compression, wearing shoes with plenty of room for movement is pivotal to the relief and succession of pain. In addition to changing your footwear, visiting a podiatrist is essential as the condition can worsen if left untreated.

INGROWN TOENAILS: Painful, problematic and the most prevalent of all, ingrown toenails are nails (usually on the big toe) that persistently poke and grow into the tender tissue of your nail grooves, subsequently leading to swelling, redness, irritation and, at times, infection. Persistent ingrown nails require a doctor’s attention for lifting the nail and removing the irritated areas.

DIABETIC WOUND CARE: As a diabetic patient, foot care is elemental to managing your symptoms as many complications can arise from improper care. With neuropathy, high blood pressure and other issues to factor into, your blood circulation and sensations can be irregular thus the need to visually and physically inspect your feet from top to bottom. 15% of diabetic patients will encounter a would or foot ulcer – typically on the sole – so it’s important to proactively seek out any possible areas you may have hurt yourself or where your open sores are a vulnerability.

While our feet are resilient, able to withstand our long days and treks across varied landscapes, this exposes them to daily stresses and environmental conditions. Since pain inhibits healing, it’s important to alleviate a primary source of the symptoms. At ELM Shoes our knowledgeable and passionate staff can assist you in finding the perfect fit.

It’s time to raise awareness and put your best foot forward again.

-Your Missing Sock

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