Four Seasons in One Boot


Some say it’s five o’clock somewhere. We say it’s snowing somewhere. And that somewhere is coming to our small town soon, so we’ve begun stocking our winter section.

You see there are generally four types of people.






But at ELM Shoes, our shoes fit to bring out personality and help you enjoy winter no matter your seasonal inclinations. It’s all about picking a style that has characteristics with flairs of these respective seasons. Through color, toe shape, material and height you can stay dry and take part of style without having to wear the same old boring Moon Boot.

It’s important to preserve your boots just as they preserve your feet. Unless you have magic shoemaker elves who come out at night to take care of your footwear, it’s important to be proactive. Every once in awhile you’ll have to live the life of a cobbler and use products on your shoes that will condition them to their former state – as much as possible that is.

Step one: Know their material/fabric Common materials for boots are leather, suede and nubuck and synthetic combinations. While many shoes can have cotton components, you often won’t see that in boots as they are not as sturdy or water resistant enough for the harsher and wetter weather of winter.

Step Two: Wipe them down Make sure you wipe them down every once in awhile if not every day. Slugs and snails may truly melt when coming in contact with salt but over a long period of time the salt that is used during the prevention of slipping has equal power of eating away at the quality of your leather and other textures.


Step Three: Condition them For each material, you use different products and it is fundamental you don’t mix them up. For leather, it’s a lot about maintenance. A durable material, leather is essentially water repellent. However, taking the time to shine and find waterproof sprays and condition the leather to keep it moisturized so the actual leather doesn’t dry out helps keep the integrity of the leather in tack for years to come.

When it comes to suede and nubuck, they are infamously known as scuffing and staining. Think suede couch on a smaller scale…that can move, therefore, can track more attention to dirt. With sprays that you can use before and after outdoor excursions, you can weather your boots. Brushes also help condition the exterior to help maintain a polished look.

Synthetic is perhaps one of the easiest materials to care for, therefore, one of the most forgotten. You can easily use warm water and soap. Just remember to dry off, just like in step two. If you find that you missed the salt during the wipe down and salt stained your boots or shoes, you can find supplies that will help eliminate or reduce that stain. A homemade solution, white vinegar and water, can neutralize the stain as well. Carefully use the solution on a cloth until the stain is resolved.

Step Four: Conform them Whether you keep them in a box or stick them in the back of the closet, investing in a pair of boot forms will not only keep the boots in perfect, upright form, but will help sustain their longevity and ensure they don’t wear out around the ankles from bending over during periods of unuse.

So this year embrace winter by giving your feet a chance to embrace winter through a pair of boots that speaks to your seasonal style.

-Your Missing Sock

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