I LOVE those shoes and boots… but what will I wear it with?

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I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before, and have said it yourself a time or two: “I love those shoes…but what will I wear them with?” Oftentimes this occurs when non-neutral footwear catches your eye, whether it be a bright color or a fun pattern.

Regardless of what the shoe looks like, there are so many ways that you can wear that style that you love—and they don’t have to match perfectly either. For example, say you see a pair of super cute orange booties. However, your first thought is that you don’t own anything orange in your closet, thus causing you to form the opinion that they wouldn’t go with anything you own and therefore the shoes would not get much wear. Thankfully that just isn’t the case! Bright colors, be it orange, green, pink, purple, or blue, etc. make a statement, and can be worn with your more neutral shades of black, taupe, navy, or white, and add a fun pop of color to an outfit that you would normally consider being bland or uninteresting.

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Another trend that has become quite popular over the last few years is color blocking. To employ this technique, grab those fun-colored shoes, and pick out a few complimentary colors for your clothing choices. In this instance, we’ll say that you have a pair of yellow ballet flats that you absolutely love but have yet to find something that you feel matches them perfectly. Color-blocking throws that issue out the window! Grab a pair of jeans or a neutral-colored skirt, and then pick a shade that goes well with yellow for your top. Layering can be a great option for this as well, as it breaks up the colors and makes your whole outfit pop.

The same goes for patterns. Florals can be super fun, and even if they are a mix of several colors, this will give you the opportunity to pick one or two of the colors in the shoes and make those shades be the primary colors in the pieces of your outfit. One of the best parts about buying a shoe in a color/pattern that you would not normally choose is that it will bring out your creative side, helping you to put together fun outfits that you have never thought of before. You can apply this same concept to plaids, polka dots, or any other pattern as well. Just take a pair of jeans or bottoms that match a color in the shoe, then throw on a top that matches another color in the shoe, and voila! You have a perfect ensemble that will bring a fun, eye-catching twist to your day. Sometimes it’s even fun to mix pinstripes with floral as well; the world is your oyster!


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