Man’s Best Friend: Irish Setter Boots

Irish Setter Boots

There’s a reason Frederick the Great of Prussia and later poet Ogden Nash referred to dogs as man’s best friend. No matter your dedication to cats, a dog’s affections and loyalty to its owner – and even those to whom they don’t “belong” – is unsurpassed.

While wolves were originally domesticated to become house pets, over the years we have been introduced to countless breeds. Dogs for guarding, fighting, showing, herding, shearing. Dogs for hounding. And dogs for hunting.

It was such a hunting dog, a bird dog, bred to assist their owners and hunters in finding and retrieving their game, that become more than a friend, but an emblem for a footwear staple.

Back in the 50s, it was a bird dog, a local family’s dog specifically, that helped kickoff a now revolutionary boot brand. The dog, Red Mike of Doxmoe, inspired the logo that is now an iconic piece of hunting gear.

Not only is it expected of the American home to boast a dog, but a well-rounded wardrobe, where you’ll find man’s other best friend, the boot.

From its first footsteps in public, Irish Setter has been dedicated to quality, providing premium performances for the life of the product. Introducing proprietary technologies such as ExoFlex™ Locked-In Fit and Cushin™ Comfort Tongue, Irish Setter is recognized among workers, outdoorsman and hunters for its exceptional and superior craftsmanship.

The design and managerial team behind the boots are more than Irish Setter employees. Located in a historic Mississippi River town, they are industry experts as hunters, fishers and workers who have walked through the wet, dry and dangerous lands. This experience has helped them develop boots that meet man’s most integral outdoor needs.

Irish Setter Boots

VAPRTREK™LS/882: A good hunter may stand out with how much game he can bag, but when he’s in the wild it’s all about how he can blend in. Style 822’s Realtree Xtra® Camouflage boasts lifelike images for depth during any hunting season. Walk your way through the woods to your perfect hunting stand with superior traction and still stay warm through 800g PrimaLoft® Gold Eco insulation. Whether trekking through water or traversing through brambles, this lightweight boot is bound to be a most reliable option.

ELK TRACKER/882: Rich leather that can withstand the harshest winters of North America, this Elk hunting inspired boot highlights Irish Setter’s Bulls-Eye® Bob Aggressive sole. Technology designed for shock absorbing traction without encumbering the boot with overbearing weight. The ELK Tracker features 3M™ Thinsulate™ that keeps hunters’ feet warm through dusk, dawn and damp conditions. If ever there was a best friend, the support this boot fulfills offers all the definitions exceptionally well.

ELK TRACKER/886: A beautiful combination of full-grain leather and fabric, this rugged design showcases Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® Camouflage providing hunters art that mimics their backdrop. The boot’s ScentBan™ is an exclusive technology in the footbed that kills bacteria – a great bonus for the long days spent scouring the perfect shot. Between the excellent traction, UltraDry™ waterproofing system, and many other benefits, the 886 style is surely a step in the right direction during this hunting season.

Ready to meet your new best friend? ELM Shoes is ready to fit your feet for the best season of hunting.

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