Nose Contouring Do’s & Don’ts

In middle school, my best friend Shelly and I used to fight.

Not like gossiping or flirting with each others’ crushes or doing sneaky three way calls or anything like that. We just, you know fought…or rather, wrestled. Often.
We weren’t exactly ahead of the game, maturity-wise.
Anyway, once during a particularly intense WWF style match she somehow ended up with a book in her hands and that book ended up hitting me smack dab in the nose. I will insert here that although I have no recollection as to what she actually intended to do with the book, it’s collision with my schnoz was unplanned and 100% accidental.
Long story long, my nose ended up a little bit crooked.

Which is why I HAC it. Well, that and I just think it looks more fancy a little sculpted up.

Here’s how you do it:

Learn how to contour your nose.  Life changing I tell ya!

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It’s really easy once you get the hang of it and get used to the way it looks, but it is something I get questions and concerns about OFTEN. So I thought I would tackle some of those today:

Q. I want to HAC my nose but I try and it looks like I have two lines down it! What am I doing wrong?

A. Well, here’s the thing. It might be that you are not blending it properly but more likely it’s because you do have two (albeit faint) lines down your nose. Which looks weird to you because you know you put them there but if you look at yourself prior to adding the lines what you’d probably see? Two lines down the sides of your nose. Your nose is protruding from your face, which creates a shadow, which is actually the only reason (from a straight on view) that anyone even knows where it starts and stops. You think it’s obvious the same way you think it’s obvious that Bruce Willis is dead in 6th sense when you rewatch it. It’s only because you already know. So my advice would be blend it a reasonable amount and then just wear it for a day and see if you still think it looks weird by nighttime.

Q. My nose is already very thin but it protrudes farther than I like, how can I diminish that with HAC.

A.Very good question. If your nose is thin but still prominent HACing the sides will do you no favors. In this case I say match your whole nose with the highlight under your eyes and between your brows, that tends to diminish it and make it blend well with the rest of your face. It also gives the spotlight back to the eyes, where you most likely want it:)

Q. Maybe it’s ok straight on or in photos but doesn’t it look weird from the side or in person?

A. I am sure it can. If you use too much if it’s too orangy or you don’t blend well. In general I think it looks completely unnoticeable in person. I take photos with a side view often and can detect the shade if I look for it but even then, it doesn’t look bad to me. Perhaps since I am such a HAC lover my opinion would seem…unreliable but I can tell you this. Much to my gratitude, I come from a family who is not afraid to say it like they see it. Once when I was over doing my lip HAC (it was when I first discovered it’s possibilities in 10th grade) my sister told me I shouldn’t leave the house looking like a drag queen. So, yeah. My nose HAC has been approved by her and my hub (who isn’t shy about the truth either) so, I am pretty confident that it looks OK.

This last one is not a question so much as a piece of advice, make sure your two drawn lines are inside the two natural lines of your nose or else this whole exercise could actually backfire. The closer the lines are together the thinner the nose will look….but don’t get carried away and end up looking like Latoya. Unless you are into that look.


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