Not all light is created equal

Imagine walking through the Amly wildflower meadow on a warm sunny day, rays of light reaching down to kiss your skin as you breathe in the sweet delicate floral aromas. Beads of light dance in front of your eyes and the heat of the sun feels rejuvenating and energising in your body.

It is no coincidence that we feel wellbeing in the sunshine, the healing power of light has been known for millennia. Before the age of antibiotics, doctors would recommend plenty of sunlight to treat dark disease and weaknesses.

Every time we experience the heat of the sun on our skin, it is the spectrum of light known as infrared which is being absorbed by the skin’s cells which in turn boosts energy into the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse. This has an incredible healing and rejuvenating effect on a systemic and cellular level.

Infrared light therapy is an effective treatment especially for skin conditions and there is much evidence now to support the stimulating effect it has on new skin cell growth, boosting collagen to reduce ageing, wrinkles, inflammation, scar tissue and helps protect against skin damage.

But not all light is created equal.

Another spectrum of sunlight, ultraviolet light has many benefits to our health providing we take care of how long we expose ourselves and don’t overdo it.

UV light supplies our bodies with vitamin D, the essential nutrient that increases calcium and phosphorus absorption playing an important role for our immune, cardiovascular and skeletal system. Sunlight and vitamin D support circadian rhythm, helping better sleep at night, an important factor for energy and younger looking skin.

Ultraviolet light is now used in the treatment of purifying water due to its antimicrobial ability.

It is no wonder then that AMLY bottles are made of Miron glass, an excellent high vibrational frequency container. Research has found that as light passes through the violet glass, it filters out the whole spectrum of light except for ultraviolet and infrared, thus providing an ‘energy’ that protects and preserves the delicate AMLY ingredients within.

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