Pregnancy and Over-Pronation


There are many seasons in life. Seasons based on climate and ecology changes. Seasons based on puberty and growth.

One season in particular that lasts nine months is often seen as picturesque, full of joy and the reason Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are a success.

That’s because it is.

It’s also full of varicose veins, edema and over-pronation.

Pregnancy incurs many exciting changes in a woman’s body. From the hairs on your head, to the soles of your feet, that tiny little baby in your body all of a sudden has influence over nearly every aspect of your life.

Nine months of adjusting and sometimes living in discomfort can lead to a lifetime of ill health in the big picture, not to mention harm to both yourself and the baby in the now.

Symptoms: Pain isn’t something that can always be defined on a scale from one to ten. You know when you feel it and when you feel it you want to find a solution, not a temporary bandage. But in order to do that, you have to know what is wrong; from where it is coming.

During pregnancy, a woman gains natural weight. However, due to this weight, other health concerns can develop.

Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Over-pronation: Over-pronation (or flat feet) occurs when a person’s arch collapses upon weight bearing, therefore, can cause inflammation or extreme stress on the ligament that connects your heel bone to your toe bone. The structure of the foot weakens, causing the foot to flatten, adding stress to other parts of the foot. Consequently, over-pronation can lead to Heel Spurs, Post-tib Tendonitis and/or Bunions (and a few more that make you want to keep reading). The causes of over-pronation can range from Obesity, pregnancy or repetitive pounding on a hard surface – all weakening the arch. Generally people with flat feet do not experience distress immediately, and some never suffer from any distress at all. However, when symptoms develop and become painful, it increases strain on the calves and feet.


Solutions: A seemingly small step in the right direction makes a substantial significance in how you react both outwardly and inwardly physiologically.

  • It doesn’t take antibiotics.
  • It doesn’t take probiotics. 
  • It doesn’t take robotic surgery.
  • It takes orthotics.

These orthotics are designed with arch supports and medial rearfoot posting to prevent the over-pronation. In addition, your footwear should be chosen carefully to support you, equally. Footwear with a firm heel offers extra support and stability and keeps you balanced all day, all through your pregnancy and beyond.

You’d shower your baby with anything. It’s time to shower yourself with a few gifts too. Ones that will reenergize your walk.

At ELM Shoes our team can fit your feet with the right orthotics, the right shoes and the right styles. ELM Shoes. It fits.

It’s time to get over… over-pronation.

-Your Missing Sock

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