ReSOLElutions: Rethinking The New Year Promise



We’ve walked twenty-one days into the new year. For some of us we’ve left behind our good intentions, our checklist of things to do to improve our lifestyles.

For a lot of us, resolutions revolve around personal health. One day at a time, we inch towards our goal. Whether it’s clean food or fighting our weight, we have a mental picture of the perfect 2016 us.

But what you may not know, as we reach towards a more wholesome and happy state of being, the problem and SOLElution starts at our feet.

To figure out the riddle, it takes one more step. Up on the iStep, where you can determine the characteristics of your feet. Sure, it may not be able to tell what color socks we like, where we get our pedicure or what brand of boots we wear – but it can tell you the type of boots you should wear. Also within seconds, this revolutionary technology scans your foot for size, pressure points and orthotic recommendations.

Arch enemies: There are three types of arches, low (flat feet), medium and high. Each pose their own set of problems, each has orthotic options, however.

Depending on how your arch is shaped, your body is constantly imposing pressure on significant areas, thus making you more susceptible to potential problems, such as bunions, claw toes, post-tibial tendonitis and metatarsalgia.

iStep-ping sooner than later helps you determine what arch support will prevent or lessen the side effects of your foot type.#5_square

Toe the line: The line between one muscle and the next is so closely woven it’s hard to self-diagnose what caused the pain or where it originated. When you’re on your feet all day, it’s not just your feet that suffer. Knee pain to lower back pain, it can all originate from the toes. Thanks to iStep, the guessing game is over, and you can kick the hurt to the curbside.

Healing in our heels: You may be musing with a multiple choice answer for the question, Which Arch Do I Have, it may be easy to pick out the correct orthotic inserts. But the iStep provides much more insight and answers.

So when and where can you get your reading? ELM Shoes not only fits your shoes, but we also fit your insoles with our iStep digital foot scan. You’ve been hoping for a healthier, happier you. It could happen here!

-Your Missing Sock

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