Small tweeks make a BIG difference.

Sometimes makeup can actually hide your natural beauty. Which is not cool. The cool thing is that with the same amount of time and money you are already putting in you can show YOU off rather than going undercover.
There are a few pitfalls that I think most people (me included) have fallen into at some point. SO I thought I would compile some of the repeat offenders to help show the difference. Of course, as I always say, anything that makes you feel more beautiful, works. There are exceptions to every rule:)
Celeste (my little sis) what lovely enough to model for me:
Simple tips that make a huge difference!

{same girl/same day/ unedited}
Harsh Eyeliner:
Why? It can be very distracting and can make your eyes look smaller. It is also difficult to get it perfectly straight and close enough to the lash.
What to do instead? I am a big believer in a blended liner (especially on the bottom) I line the eyes in the tear line and the blend with a lighter color of eyeshadow {here} and a smudge brush {here}. This creates a very natural look and frames your eyes beautifully. You can hardly tell there is eyeliner but her eyes are still defined.

Most common makeup mishaps

Ignored Eyebrows:
Why? Do I harp on eyebrows too much? If so I’m sorry, it’s just,  I think they make such a dramatic difference! They are the most natural looking way to bring definition and intensity to your eyes. And when filled and tweezed right they bring balance to your face and they make your expressions look more authentic.
What to do instead? Fill those babies! I used an angled brush {here} and this shadow on Celeste’s. I have this old video {here} that gives you the basics. I’ve been asked to make a new video so I want to know from you guys, what exactly should I address in the new video? What are your biggest concerns with brows?

White eyeshadow:
Why? Now this one is probably just a personal preference of mine. I think white eyeshadow has a tendency to look chalky and unflattering. It can absolutely look beautiful but for the most part I think creamier warmer highlight colors look prettier and softer.
What to do instead? Some of my favorite under brow highlighters are: Lt Bronze {in lorac palette} & the one I used for this makeover was Bubbly {in Stila in the light palette}

Lack of Moisturizer:
Why? Most of the time I think women are timid to use much moisturizer because it makes them feel oily or they worry it will break them out but it is so important for getting your skin to look glowing and vibrant.
What to do instead? Moisturize! I promise it will make a difference. I try to slather some of this {here} on twice a day.

Most common makeup mishaps.

Foundation – More Coverage than you need:
Why? You gotta show off some skin! 🙂 I find most women imagine their skin to be much less perfect than it actually is. They see perfect complexions in magazines and think that more foundation is the way to get there. In all reality no one has perfect skin (not even the babes in Glamour) but when you use too much foundation it can age you and make your skin look dull. Notice how dry Celeste’s face looks in the before image.
What to do instead? I just say to put on foundation thoughtfully, really decide what you actually want to cover up. So often it’s easy to go into autopilot and cover up everything. Instead use the sheerest coverage possible and then spot treat trouble areas with concealer. On Celeste I used Nars Sheer Glow Foundation {here} mixed with moisturizer so it went on very sheer ( I had to show off her cute freckles) then I used my my highlighting concealer under her eyes and around her nose to cover up the redness.

Foundation #2 – Skipping the Blush & Contour:
Why? Now I am not saying you need to contour and blush every day but if you are going to do a full face of foundation it becomes more important. Your face has many different colors on it (ask anyone who’s ever painted a face) when you cover it up with one solid color it can look unnatural and flat. That is where the beauty of blush, highlighting and contouring comes in.
What to do instead? Using the right products in the right places is all it takes.  This is the WHOLE reason I designed my line of IIID foundation products! Which give you a sculpted, glowing and flawless finish, without making you look flat or made up! Check it out here or watch the video of how I do it here.

Disappearing lips:
Nude lips are so fun and look amazing with a smoky eye. The problem is that sometimes when you throw on nude lip gloss instead of looking hot your lips look hidden.
What to do instead? I love to contour my lips. I use this {here} lip liner and lightly draw around the outer edge and then use the smudger on the stick to blend it out. You can also use your contour shade around the bottom of your lips to make them look defined. {then I tapped the same Tarte blush {here}I used on her cheeks into the center of her lip to give it a natural looking flush)

Hair Over Spray:
Hairspray is made up of a fair amount of alcohol, so it’s really drying. When you layer it on the hair too much it looks dry and dull and lifeless.
What to do? Less is more. Always use the least amount of any product on your hair as possible to get the look you are going for. I understand that some hairstyles require more spray than others. It’s just one of those things that can become a bad habit.

I love this look! I couldn’t stop staring at her the rest of the day. She is just so feminine and beautiful. I don’t think she could possibly look that angelic and sweet if she wasn’t the person she is on the inside. I love her.
I also thought this would make a really pretty bridal makeup tutorial, do you guys agree? or do you think it’s too simplistic?

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