The 7 Sins of a Smokey Eye


Sin #1: Naked Lids

I come to you as a sinner myself. I too have applied shadow without primer. I too have told myself it didn’t matter, just once won’t hurt.  I too have fallen victim to the smears and the creases and the dissapearing eyeshadow.  It isn’t worth it. Especially when you can make it for pennies (recipe here)

Sin #2: Perfectionism

Smokey eyes are sexy because they look slept in. They are called “smokey” because there are no harsh lines.  Smokey eyes are like pretty much everything else in life, it’s the imperfections that make them beautiful.

Sin #3: Undefined Brows

What is the difference between raccoon eyes and a smokey eye?
(here is my brow tutorial)

Sin #4: Off balance

Sometimes you can do a dark eye and a dark lip and not look hooker-ish. Sometimes you can do dark eyes and no blush and not look dead. Sometimes you can look at yourself in a magnified mirror and not be totally freaked out. Most of the time though, it’s best not to risk it. Some soft pink blush and a nude or light pink lip is a perfect pair.

Sin #5: Lash and tear line neglect

Without BLACK eyelashes and a BLACK tear line your eyes won’t pop as much and won’t look finished.  (here is my FAV liner and mascara that won’t break the bank)

Sin #6: Lack of Layering

You can’t create the softness and the blendedness you need without a fair amount of layering. Build the color you want one layer at a time and you will be much happier with the end result.

Sin #7: Skipping the highlights.

This is probably the most forgotten and most important part of a smokey eye. I cannot stress it enough. You have to offset that dark with some bright! I use Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer and put it under my eyes (and I go way down to the sides of my nostril with it) and on my brow bone.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Moonshadow Baked Palette – In the Dark

This palette is PERFECT for a smokey eye. So many stunning colors that shimmer and sparkle that will knock your socks off!


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