The Beauty Capsule

I cannot tell you how excited I am to unleash my newest favorite thing in the whole wide makeup lovin’ world!

Let me start at it’s birthplace…
As a beauty blogger of sorts you get sent a massive amount of products to try. When this first began I was thrilled beyond belief!
As the products started piling up and piling up I kept trying to find new ways to organize them. Attempt after attempt was made to no avail. I just couldn’t put all of the makeup in a place where I could conceivable use it when I needed it. So I started making stacks. Stacks everywhere. They gave me anxiety and made my makeup session %50 finding things and %50 using things.
One day a few weeks after I had Billy (whilst still driven by hormones..) I said ENOUGH.
No human being needs all of this. It can’t be organized in a reasonable way because it isn’t a reasonable amount.
So I went through all of it and only kept the things I loved the VERY most and used the most often, the rest I gave away to good homes.

Since then I have loved my makeup so much more, it’s so much easier to find, so much less overwhelming and interestingly  I get more inspired and excited about makeup than I have in a long time. Turns out…

MORE was actually less.

Do you guys ever watch project Runway?  I used to watch it all the time and one thing that I always thought was really surprising was when they had a really limiting theme like “buy all your materials at the home depot” they came up with these amazing immaculate designs that just dazzled on the runway and when they were given something WIDE open like “Use New York as your inspiration” they came up with nuthin’
That’s kind of how I’ve felt chopping my makeup down to the bare essentials. It’s more inspiring and more fun.
It costs less money, takes less time and less space.

You don’t need a trunk load of makeup. You just need to get the most out of a clutch full of the right makeup.

So I jumped on the whole Capsule band wagon and made one of my own, strictly for makeup.

And trust me I LABORED over it. I have been plotting and planning this thing for months because I wanted it to be perfect.

I wanted it to:
Be concise.
Accommodate for a wide variety to ladies.
Supply a wide variety of looks from everyday to special occasion.
Be high quality so it lasts and lasts but doesn’t break the bank.

I’ll be doing a bunch of looks using nothing but these items which will all be marked with the Makeup Capsule seal so once you have your capsule you can recreate any and all of the looks you want!

Here’s the list: (Don’t get too stuck on the exact product here, if you already have one in a different brand that you like or an item that is similar you’re covered!)


Double Decker: This is my dream come true! (this video shows off it’s powers perfectly) It holds almost an entire face of makeup in a sleek, beautiful, light and compact palette. Plus it separates creams from powders so you don’t get any of that messy crossover.

Your personal IIID Foundation color match: People often ask me which one is the foundation? The answer is BOTH! A highlight and contour color each with coverage. 2 Birds 1 stone, that whole thing.

Moonlit: I added one more highlight foundation because it’s so versatile (think highlighting brow, the waterline of your eye and your cupids bow) and it’s really fun to use as a pop of bright on most skin tones.

Blush – Dessert Sunset: This warm neutral pink rouge is PERFECT for fall.

Blush – Black Cherry: I can’t figure out which blush is my favorite but if I was backed into a corner I’d probably have to say this one. Don’t let it fool you, it looks super dark in the pan but once you get it on your cheeks it is the richest cool flush.

Illuminator – Rose Gold : This champagne colored beauty gives the ultimate candlelit glow.

Bronzer – Caymen : universally gorgeous bronzer

Setting Power – Vanilla Dust : Invisible setting powder.


Favorite Fall Shadows – Trust, Midnight, Oak, Bubba, Sabrina, Pup, Crush ,Salem, Stardust, Emerald City, Mama, Penny, Basic & Fin

Black Liquid Liner – Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: My FAVORITE liquid liner ever.

Black Mascara – Voluminous Carbon Black: This inexpensive mascara is creamy and very black, perfect for enhancing even the tiniest lashes.

Fine Tip Brow Pencil – Colour Pop Black n’Brown: Love the fine tip, love the color, love the price!

Brushes (get entire brush collection bundle HERE)

Bronzer + Blush:  One side from dusting on bronzer the other for stippling in blush

Power Powder Brush: This unique brush is HEAVEN sent for pressing in powder into the contours of your face perfectly

30 Second HAC:  It is perfectly shapes to perfectly apply your IIID Foundation in NO TIME

I Shadow Everything: Does pretty much everything you need an eyeshadow brush to do!

Multitasker: You’ll be shocked by how many uses we find for this bad boy! I originally created it specifically for nose contouring and then I realized it actually does EVERYTHING.

Neutral Lip Liner – Sebastian: You guys know I’m obsessed with this liner. It’s the PERFECT color to contour and complete your lip. A little bit taupe a little bit pink and a lot bit gorgeous. I also found a new obsession recently though, so if you’re a Lipsense girl I recommend replacing this baby for the Nude Lipsense color.

Milk Moisturizer: I had to add this because nothing like the cold to make everyone’s skin dry right up! This jar is filled with MAGIC I swear.



I am SOOOO excited about this you guys! I’ve already been creating a ton of looks. I’m having so much fun with it!



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