The extraordinary phenomena of Mari Kondo’s tidying method

Under the blanket of the earth, the vital energy needed for plants to grow is extending upwards through the roots and stems, ready to burst into bloom. If you’re sensitive to the earth’s murmurs, you might notice this sensation of the sap rising underfoot, as your own vitality returns after winters sleep. Spring has always been a natural time of year to embark on a cleansing ritual of our living spaces and our bodies, as harnessing the energy of nature’s ‘quickening’ can lend us the much-needed momentum to see it through.

The extraordinary phenomena of Mari Kondo’s ‘KonMari’ tidying method is one such journey that requires momentum, and a dedicated commitment to creating a clean, clear space in our external and internal spaces.

Kondo’s bestselling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” and Netflix series “Tidying Up” have swept across the globe, leaving an abundant trail of her trademark ‘Sparks of Joy’ in their wake.

The beauty of her method is in its simplicity: tidy all at once; clear by category instead of location; keep a clear vision of the space you wish to live in; hold each item close to discover if its energy ‘sparks joy’ in you, if it doesn’t then thank it and let it go.

Our brains function on a negative feedback loop system, they’re hardwired to notice what’s wrong, so we know what needs adjusting: it’s why we’re more aware of being too hot or cold than being at the ideal temperature. When we’re surrounded by objects that are attached to memories, are unused, ill-fitting or awaiting action, they can occupy as much space in our minds as our living environments.

When faced with an accumulation of objects, Kondo’s method of ‘tuning into’ items to decide what stays or goes bypasses the thinking mind in favour of a more instinctive, mindfulness-based practice. In essence, she invites us to think with the heart instead of the head.

Her fusion of ancient practice with rigorous method isn’t easy, it takes time and real commitment; but whether you’re yearning to dwell amidst a peaceful haven of minimalism or more prone to considering clutter as creative sacred mess: the KonMari method has the capacity to resensitize us to noticing what really brings us joy, expanding far beyond the objects with which we surround ourselves and out into the world at large.

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