The power of rituals. Small moments of slow beauty to make big changes

Rituals anchor us to the map of the day. They mark time and create a sense of familiarity and stability. Life is filled with every-day rituals from the moment we wake until the moment we sleep. That first cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a ritual. Brushing your teeth. Catching the same train each day. These moments are so much a part of us we barely notice them as we glide through without a second thought.

The dictionary definition of a ritual is a) an act regularly repeated in a set, precise manner and, b) a ceremonial act or action. The difference between the two is in our intention.

Wrapped inside any given moment in the day is a seed of potential to soften into our deeper nature. When we make every-day rituals conscious and invite our whole being into awareness, a door opens that we can momentarily step through and return revived and renewed.

Ancient beauty rituals are the wellsprings from which our modern-day mindful beauty approaches have grown. Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey, the ancient Greeks anointed themselves with sacred herbs and oils, and in Rome, opulent bathing houses were created to house elaborate bathing rituals. These ancient practices all held the knowledge that creating ceremony around self-care regularly has hugely beneficial effects on the body and the mind.

There is a gentle power in making rituals conscious. That part of us that creates space for tending to self-care is the same part of us that can be present to ask, “How is the deepest part of me feeling? What do my mind, body, and spirit need to replenish?” and then be open to what arises. When we can be present for ourselves, we can be present for our loved ones, our communities, and our environment.

Our AMLY RADIANCE, PURIFY and SLEEP holistic skincare ranges were all created with ritual self-care in mind.

When you’re applying AMLY’s clean beauty products, offer yourself a few minutes to expand your awareness. Focus on your breath, on the delicate scents of our Radiance Boost and Digital Detox mists as they fill the air around you, on the gentle touch of your own hands as you nourish and hydrate your skin with our Meadow Dew Facial Essence, City Screen Face Serum and Day Light Face Oil. Enchant yourself. Small moments of slow beauty make big changes and absolutely radiate through the skin.

























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