The re-wilding of the self starts with the simplest of steps

The earth is in constant conversation with us. Lean in and listen to it’s call. Let the wind tug at your hair, the mud stick to your toes and the wild seeds of Autumn catch onto your clothes.

There’s an innate wildness in all of us but sometimes, navigating our way through the busy world, it can feel as if the thread is lost. The re-wilding of the self starts with the simplest of steps: by earthing, eating and making space in your self care routine, the wild can drift back in, bringing balance to mind, body and spirit.

When our skin touches the earth we become ‘earthed’ or ‘grounded’. The Earth is a reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. When we connect to it through the soles of our feet, they act as a conductor for the electrons to enter our bodies and discharge the free radicals, associated with disease, ageing, and inflammation. Our ancestors instinctively knew this, accessing this free medicine by walking barefoot and sleeping close to the ground. Keeping a regular earth connection by walking without shoes, digging into the soil with bare hands or laying directly on the ground can reduce inflammation, stress hormones and pain in the body; while rejuvenating your energy, and aiding sleep.

The landscape around us is abundant with nutritious wild edibles: nettles, berries, nuts and seeds. We can practice every-day alchemy by reintroducing wild foods into our diets, allowing senses to shift as they open up to the scent and beauty emanating from each plant. With every wild leaf and seed we bring into the body, we become part of the alchemical mix: nourishing our health and strengthening our link to the earth.

At Amly we have a deep connection to the land. When we arrived here, we heard the call of the wildflower meadow and have created a beauty line that echoes the natural union of the plants, flowers and mineral-rich water that we discovered, combining natural gifts with cutting edge research to nourish and enhance the skin. Wherever you are in the world, the soothing scent of our botanical treasures may well transport you back to the meadow where it all began.

Drink in the wild air, swim in the sunlight, bathe in the forest. Each time we let the wild speak to us and through us, we open a little deeper to what the earth can offer, and to what it may need.

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