The Recap: Hanging out with The Angels

I was sitting at my computer one night getting hopped up on mountain dew &  scrolling through photos of Adriana Lima and thinking about the VS Fashion show when I had a thought, maybe I could try emailing Casey (a babe from VS I’d conversed with before) to see if there was any way I could get a ticket. Before I had even thought about it I’d written the email and pressed send. Which was REALLY good because almost as soon as I did I started regretting it.

VS fashion show is such a big deal, of course they aren’t going to let me come.
I imagined her opening the email and rolling her eyes “Oh, those bloggers, they think they’re so special…”

I wanted to take it back but it was already shooting through the inter webs so instead I closed my computer and just pretended that never happened.

The next day after lunch I was scrolling through my emails and I saw a reply, hopefully I opened it. As soon as I read the words “We would love for you to come!”
I actually squealed from my excitement. I hugged Nick, Hugged Christian and if Casey was  there, I’d have totally hugged her as well.

I’ve been obsessed with finding out what kind of hair and makeup they were doing backstage for a dozen years, in my mind I know the models on a first name basic.
When I worked at Victoria’s Secret right after high school I would bring the cardboard cut outs of Adriana and Giselle home and decorate my house with them.
I love VS the way 12 year old girls love boy bands and texting.
Am I drawing a clear enough picture for you here? This is my Everest.


So Nick booked the tickets and offered to be my photographer (such a pal to take one for the team like that:) and within a few weeks there we were. The night before the show while we were doing some last minute shopping I pulled up my phone to see that they’d just announced that Taylor Swift was going to be one of the musical guests.
ARE YOU KDDING ME? Could it get any better? Did they read my mind or something?

This was totally meant to be.

The next morning we headed to the venue. We had to get special press passes and then, at our call time they shuffled us into a room to wait for someone else to shuffle us up (in order of importance I’m guessing…which meant I was last:) to the big model room. While I waited I started getting a little nervous.


Finally they escorted us to the giant pink vanity room. There was already a massive amount of press up there but intermixed in all the cameras, reporters and photographers there were beautiful, tall angels in little pink robes.
They looked exactly like they do in photos. Every bit as beautiful.
I just wanted to watch.
The models, the hairdressers, the products, the makeup artists…
For years I’ve been reading their interviews.
What do you love most about being an angel? The travel. What’s your secret to perfect skin? Olive oil.
I know the answers already, what I haven’t been able to do is actually see for myself. I wanted to see the little things that no one cares to mention. Or the products that aren’t necessarily being flaunted. (of course I have to save the secrets I learned for a post all their own, they deserve that much at least)


Dillema: you are invited the fashion show backstage as “press” and you are wearing a press pass but you are not actually press. You are a dorky fangirl just posing as press. How do you just blend in not embarrass yourself  ? Do you :
A. Ask the models for a photo with you
B. Stand around staring at people goggly eyed while they are trying to work
C. Tell all the models they are beautiful (cause I’m sure you’re the very first person in history to be so creative with your compliment to them)
D. Wear all black
E. all of the above.
I think the correct answer is D…but that’s in retrospect. In the heat of the moment I decided E was the correct answer.
E was definitely worth it though. Cause then I wouldn’t have gotten this photo with Adriana:


(Get this: she’s ever prettier in person)


If I look like I’m glowing with happiness in this photo it’s because, just seconds before it was taken, this gorgeous lady told me that she thought I was Adriana for a second.
I love her so much for saying that. Even if the the previous photo proves just how much I don’t look like her. I don’t even care. I still loved it.


Social media frenzy.


DSC_9354  DSC_9518


To be continued…

(Also, don’t worry diamond and pear faces, you are not forgotten:)

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