The SAS Printed Shoebox

the sas printed shoebox

Styles only last a season. Sometimes a decade or two later they can be resurrected, but when you first fall in love with an article of clothing, the look can be fleeting.

Understanding the meaning or concept behind patterns and materials chosen, however, will outlast what’s in your closet. Understanding the designer rather than just the design will help keep things renewed.

And most importantly, knowing the brand and buying into it is what keeps it alive. Brand loyalty is more than the label. It’s about making the brand’s heritage just as much a part of yours.

While Google can give you the rundown on which shoes are best, you ultimately go with your gut, heart and with your sole.

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Fashion may dictate us, but ultimately the fabric of stories moves us. And what moves us emotionally moves us to make a purchase.

And nothing moves us like knowing that we are investing in wearing quality and comfort. Forty years ago a story began with a brand that revolved around both of those aspects. A story driven by a company’s need to succeed, to see people feel comfortable in their shoes and trust their fit.

SAS – The San Antonio Shoemakers – had just 13 shoemakers who depended on word of mouth to turn their ideas into a sustainable business. They set up shop in Del Rio Texas and since have expanded to 200+ retail SAS stores, and retail locations found all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Chile, Israel and England.

No matter where you buy your pair of shoes, the brand that Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden founded will remain the same because of the integrity they instilled in this family-owned and operated company. Not only are the standards kept high for customer service, but for the care that goes in manufacturing what is selected to the public.

Before a pair of SAS shoes can get stitched with its SAS label or put in a SAS printed shoebox, each pair of shoes can go through up to 100 different steps to assure you receive the finest, optimal construction.

SAS oversees all projects – from leather selection, die making, cutting and more to guarantee their products are free from manufacturer defects, and your repeat business.

Offering the largest range of sizes and widths of any brand for men and women, SAS ensures their consumers can find something to fit. To become part of the brand.

And while they update their styles with the season, you can always depend on a quality brand.

To find your SAS fit, join ELM Shoes’ SAS Lifestyle Express Truck Event August 4-5, 2016 where there won’t just be a large selection of widths to choose from, but colors and styles too.

-Your Missing Sock

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