The Story of the AMLY Water

What’s in a name?

There’s a story inside every bottle of our award-winning AMLY facial mists, and we’d like to share it with you…

When we first arrived here at Hawthbush Farm, we fell into an enchantment. Something about the wild abundance of healing plants, the soft floral scents drifting through the air, and the spirit of this place captured our hearts. With each step, the land seemed to be drawing us ever closer into its secrets, and we began to listen.

We invited renowned water diviner, dowser & geomancer Richard Creightmore to the farm who discovered a mineral-rich underground water source flowing beneath our ancient organic wildflower meadow.

Richard is a worldwide expert in his field, he employs his skills to initially discover the water, then works with various disciplines to find the best route to access. During the process, he cleanses and blesses the land & the water source to ensure the purest outcome.

Our greatest teacher is, and always has been, the land itself.

“Words act as compass; place-speech serves literally to en-chant the land – to sing it back into being, and to sing one’s being back into it.”

― Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks

When we discovered the water, we knew we had the perfect beginnings for our, now award-winning, holistic skincare range. In homage to the meadow where it all began, we named our botanical skincare line: AMLY

We let the land lead us.

AMLY spring water emerges from 100m below our organic meadow. Flowing over mineral & silver-rich bedrock it takes these naturally occurring nutrients onboard as it journeys to the surface.

This incredibly pure water is rich in minerals & naturally occurring silver, renowned for its healing properties.

We’ve harnessed the symbiotic union between the untouched, silver-rich spring waters from deep within the earth and the abundance of organic wildflowers above, enhancing them with new generation plant-based bio-actives to create a clean beauty line that replenishes and protects your skin while connecting you to the healing properties of this precious resource.

Why is silver water so good for your skin?

The naturally occurring silver salts in the water have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Silver is also a powerful antioxidant. It regulates skin flora due to its antimicrobial properties and promotes tissue regeneration.

The average silver concentration in natural water is 0.2–0.3 microgrammes per litre; AMLY spring water has (on average) 7 microgrammes per litre of highly bioaccessible natural silver salts.

Using a slow, meticulous process we infuse the water with pure botanicals, flower waters, exquisite essential oils, and super actives and the result is true botanical alchemy. Our innovative trio of face mists will feed your face with these vital nutrients helping to replenish, revitalise & renew.

This is living water.

Every fresh batch of our DETOX, SLEEP, and RADIANCE facial mists is made with freshly drawn spring water, still alive with the energetic vibration of the land, the minerals, silver & abundance of organic flora growing above.

From farm to face, every care is taken to protect & maintain this purity right through to the first droplets to touch your skin.

So your skin stays hydrated, replenished, and illuminated: the AMLY way.

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