The Unabridged Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Treatment

I’ve always had frustration with shows and magazines when they say they’re going to tell me EXACTLY how to get a look and then they pull out whatever makeup line was sponsoring them and give me a few quick tips all chopped up into a fun little music-filled minute-in-a-half blurb and expect me to feel like I could totally recreate the look now.

I mean, I think I get why they do this. I’m guessing all of their market research and their sponsor’s market research tells them our tiny human attention spans can only handle 2 minutes TOPS. And if you complicate the process with all the nitty gritty details we are going to get overwhelmed and we DEFINITELY won’t be able to handle it…


Well. I don’t do market research nor do I  have sponsors to answer to and I actually think that if my readers are overwhelmed by a post they have the skills of skimming necessary to manage it, cause they are intelligent capable women, not just numbers.  If I’m going to tell you how to get a look, I’m ACTUALLY going to tell you. Even if it’s so crazy that no one in their right mind would spend that amount of time to get ready unless they actually were planning to walk a nationally televised runway. Cause 1. it’s nice to know how much work it takes to look like that 2. it’s fun to have the info incase there is something you do want to look super special for (even if that’s a random tuesday) and 3. It gives me a decent excuse to recreate it myself and I very much enjoy getting the VS treatment on the few chances when I can.


The left side is regular old morning (and sometimes all day..) me and the right side is me when I do all of the things I’ve learned over the years from stalking VS backstage and this year FROM ACTUALLY BEING THERE (tomorrow I’ll give you more of the goods on that as well)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Look

(Please excuse my voice, I have a nasty little cold)

What was used:

Tomas Airbrush Tan
Lacedhair Extensions
T3 Single Pass Iron
Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush
Maskcara IIID Fundation in Medium
Maskcara Cream Blush in Shortcake
VS Shadow Quad in Eye Contact
NYX Taupe Liner
Wispie Lashes
Duo Glue
Maskcara Illuminator
IT Cosmetics Dual Foundation Brush
Buxom Pink Lady Gloss
Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer
Dry Shampoo
Oribe Dry Texturing Hair Spray
Sally Hansen Leg makeup in Light & Deep Glow 
Backstage Glow
Shoes Steve Madden
Nail Polish Essie Topless and barefoot


PS Leslie is the winner of the All the pretty things giveaway, so so excited for you Leslie, check your email! and thank you very much to everyone who entered!

PPS I am so sorry to tell you that Medium is out of stock! I am trying to get it back in ASAP. Will let you know as soon as I know!

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