Twirl Curls.

The. Coolest. Curling Technique. Ever.

Do I ramble in this video? Yeah, I do.

Don’t judge.
I have a serious condition akin to narcolepsy where my brain completely passes out, but unlike narcolepsy the rest of me is still AWAKE ….standing there…looking like an idiot.

There are at least 3 occasions when this happens:

1. When I am introducing someone.
I don’t care if I have known you since I was a fetus. My brain will go completely blank.
I ramble.
Seriously though, I KNOW YOUR NAME.

2. When someone asks me a question I know I am supposed to lie about (i.e. Does yellow look good on me? Should I have written that on my Facebook status? Do you know how fast you were going?)  I can’t lie. I can’t hurt feelings. Instead, I will ramble incoherently.

3. When I get in front of the camera. I really do have a point. It just takes twice the time to get there when even simple one syllable words escape my brain…lucky for you guys I cut out most babbling in this video.

Prettiest hair curling technique

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