What Does IT FITS Feel Like?


There are a minimum of 10 products advocates say you should never buy pre-owned:




Baby bottles

Computer software



Upholstered furniture


And shoes.

The common denominator? These products have been worn in to the other person’s unique physique (or a car’s mechanical engineering).

At ELM Shoes, we focus on making someone feel at home in their own shoes by making them feel at home in ELM Shoes.

However, that can be a challenge when shoe companies manufacture products that come out in sizes that are irregular compared to the size you have grown accustomed.

The one-size-fits-all concept doesn’t translate accordingly. The Goldilocks fairy tale taught us that. We want things that feel just right rather than okay.

Walk of life: Here, it begins with a hello from an expert sales associate as they find out what brings you by.

Work, play, casual, sport, dress. From a wide variety of men and women’s shoes from all over the world in vast colors and sizes, for multiple purposes, our inventory is curated with attention to detail.

What is trending but has a timeless edge?

What is sophisticated yet comfortable?

What can withstand the harsh outdoors but look good walking across the hallway?

What can be dressed up, down, worn to town, to weddings, to school, to work, a night in or a night out.


Fitting the footwear: Not sure what your exact size size is or how to convert your US to UK or European sizes? We bring the Brannock Device out. ELM Shoes’ and your best friend. This foot measuring tool will help determine the details previous average sizes might have been missing. (And might have missed that your right and left foot are slightly off!) Finding out whether you need a narrow or a wide shoe not only will make walking more comfortable, but more stable.

Best foot forward: From socks that are designed around industry specific individuals, to insoles that support the feet and, therefore, the entire body and shoe care to protect the endurance of the footwear, ELM Shoes ensures you can walk out with your best foot forward.

-Your Missing Sock

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