2012 Pop Culture Showdown

I am glad to say I’m finally back to the land of the living. I’m still coughing and my voice still sounds like that of a life long smoker with a taste for the unfiltered variety (which is kind of fun and fills me with the urge to belt out Rod Stewart ballads) but other than that I am back to normal.

I made a little showdown by which we could reflect on 2012’s less obvious ups, downs and happenings…


This year condescending Wonka & Hey Girl, peppered our internets.
Both of them cracked me up more times than I can count, but only one of them contains a photo of Ryan Gosling.
Easy win for Hey Girl.


Bright colored hair and semi-mohawks were hot this year. These gals seem to use the same judgement when picking their hairstyles as they do when picking boyfriends. Wild, temporary and sure to induce “what was I thinking?”s a year or two from now.
Based on what must be some truly awkward growing pains for semi-shaved, I have to pick colored locks as the showdown champ.


We have lost two of our most guilty pleasures this year. No doubt there are gobs of cream filled cakes and trash reality TV shows we can fill that gaping hole with but these will have forever changed us. They had a way of setting the bar so low that we felt pretty good about our bad choices. Like “hey, I might have over done it on the spray tan a little but I am no Snookie or anything!” or “yeah, I have eaten pretty crappy but it’s not like I am sitting around stuffing my face with Twinkies or anything.”
How could I possibly choose? I call it a draw.

baby bump

We learned about two very important fetus’ this year. Kimye and the royals are expecting. I didn’t quite know how to pick a winner on this one so I just imagined if I was a baby which parent’s would I pick. An easy win for the royals, among other obvious reasons I’d like to be a princess and have a British accent more than I would want my birth aired on E!

girl crush

If you told me a year ago that I would include Anne Hathaway in my girl crush duo by years end I would have fallen off my chair. I can’t tell you why I didn’t care for her much aside from the fact that she was the subject of not one but TWO underwhelming makeover disappointments  (Princess Diaries & The Devil Wears Prada) but somewhere between her surprisingly decent performance as Catwoman and her hairless, heart wrenching solo in Les Mes, I fell in love. Still though, she can’t compete with  Jess.. I mean Zooey.

Excited for 2013.

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