You look exhausted!
Are you sick?
I bet you could use a good nights rest!

Such flattering questions slash statements are almost surely inspired by one doggone thing:

Baggy, saggy, droopy, poopy, dark under eyes.

And those same bags inspire this question that I receive maybe every single day of my life:

How do I fix mine?

It’s time I address that.

Damage control: The absolute BEST way to diminish baggy under eyes and dark circles.
First things first. We’d like to avoid having them at all. The way to do that is:

gulping some major aqua
getting your beauty sleep
taking your vitamins
being born that way

I am aware that some (if not all) of the things on that list cannot always be attained, especially with babies around. I am also aware that (due to genetics) some of us (yes I said us, as in me too) could sleep for the rest of 2013 with an IV pumping fluids and vitamins into our veins and still be baggin’

In that case we move to damage control:

Get yourself a de-puffer:

Save those puffy under eyes!

It took me a looong time to finally try this. I don’t know why, it just seemed gimmicky or something. Finally, my SIL said it was her saving grace, which sealed the deal (she has the best recommendations) I bought it and have never looked back. They de-puff and take the edge of those bags in no time. Get one HERE

Now for the makeup:
Starting with:
Damage control: under eye circles.
Usually dark circles come with some form of puff. The problem comes when you cover just the dark circle under your eye.  Aside from the risk of looking like you’ve been wearing tanning bed goggles you have to deal with the concealer actually bringing out and drawing attention to your bags…but you don’t want the dark stuff to show either! What to do?!
Let me suggest applying the concealer in a pie piece under your eye instead. This way you cover the darkness and create a little arrow direction the attention right to your eyes and evening out your cheek in the meantime. Total life saver. Try it with a yellow based concealer like THIS ONE (if it feels heavy, mix it with a little moisturizer)

Banish Dark Circles!


A thin black line around your eye is going to reeaaallly accentuate those buggers. It will recede the skin closest to your eye and draw all the emphasis right where you don’t want it.
Instead, use a bronze or dark brown shadow (like THIS ONE) and a smudge brush to define your eye with a thicker smokey looking line. This will define your eye ad balance out the bags.
It will also make your eyes look BIG!

Secrets to fixing dark circles.


By wearing your brows a little thicker and more defined you’re drawing the eye upwards (away from the tiredness) I use an angled shadow brush (HERE) and an ashy brown shadow (like THIS ONE) to fill mine.

I hope this helps to produce something more like:

“You look like a million bucks!”
“You are positively glowing!” or
“Are you related to Blake Lively, I could swear you girls are twins!”

Have a marvelous Thursday!
And thanks for all of your funny/sweet/cool comments yesterday, and every day for that matter.
I really dig you guys.


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