Darning Socks vs. Darn Tough Socks


It’s officially been fall for a month now, and the cold arms of winter are ready to hug us as the year ends and a new begins. Perhaps for some of us we’re adjusting to avoiding mornings; the moment when we have to leave our self-constructed mummified blanket caves. No matter how warm our room and home, is it is never warm enough to combat the early morning chill after introducing our feet to the first shock of air exposure and place our feet on the floor.

Maybe not everyone can sleep the night away in a pair of socks but that should not stop you from stepping out in the great outdoors, from tackling the gym, from your business acquisitions, in a pair of luxurious lifetime guarantee socks – no strings attached. Darn Tough Socks.

Men and women alike can find the perfect fit for their perfect occupation and hobby in the perfect pattern.

With high-density and ribbed knitting, you can achieve ankle support thus better performance fit. From heel to toe, it’s like a glove for your feet. And just like not everyone is a fan of sleeping with socks, so is everyone not a fan of walking around with their feet confined in wool. Darn Tough’s Merino Wool offers outstanding durability, softness and moisture control. This formula leads to them pursuing the production of the best possible socks the world has to offer.

Part of the formula is comprehending the value of socks:


If your feet aren’t covered, they’re covered in blisters: Imagine pulling something out of the oven without an oven mitt. Healthy hand meet burn blister. Imagine running a marathon without socks? All that skin chaffing again the interior of your shoes without the protection of soft, yet durable material leads to raw, damaged skin and blisters

If your feet aren’t warm, you’re not warm: Sure darn tough socks are fun and fashionable for any age and gender, but wearing socks is elemental when facing the elements or engaging in strenuous activities. Invest in wool socks. You know, darn tough wool socks for your darn tough lifestyle.

If your feet aren’t breathing, they’re growing bacteria: The darn tough company designed their socks towards each industry, hobby, sports, gender and age in which you live. Tread just as carefully in your sock purchase as the studies and the care they put into your feet.

-Your Missing Sock

*Darn Tough Socks are not known to withstand the mysterious dryer disappearances nor can they combat the monsters beneath your bed when first your feet hit the floor or fall off the ledge of your bed. However, they are great conversation starters. Please be aware in certain social circles Darn Tough Socks may be flagged for Language. Enjoy responsibly and have a darn good time!

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