Falling in Love With Sleep Again

Falling in Love With Sleep Again, letting go of wakefulness and re-enchanting the ritual of sleep

By nightfall, our sleep spaces can be as brightly lit as our minds. With ever increasing opportunities to continue powering through tasks at the click of a button- we often tumble into the arms of sleep with the wakefulness of the day still swirling.

Latest research recommends that an optimum of seven to nine hours sleep is essential for physical health, brain function and mental well-being: there’s never been a better time to re-think our relationship with sleep. During good quality sleep, the glymphatic system cleanses the brain of beta amyloid, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s; the immune system has time to reset, reducing inflammation and our bodies have the opportunity to repair and renew.

For the ancient civilisations of Greece and Egypt, sleep was a highly treasured state presided over by a host of gods: Hypnos, Nyx, Somnus and Morpheus to name a few. The healing benefits of sleep were recognised and honoured at temples dedicated specifically to sleep and dreaming, with offerings of sleep-inducing plants made to ensure safe passage into the mysterious space on the other side of wakefulness.

Perhaps by fusing the intuitive wisdom of ancient practices with modern based research, we can re-enchant the ritual of sleep, develop a more intimate relationship with the treasured sleep state and increase well-being in the process.

Treat sleep tenderly. Encourage and coax it. Soften the edges in the lead-up with low lighting: darkness encourages the release of melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle. Practice Moon Salutations: bring a more receptive, meditative and cooling energy into the body to ease the transition from day into night. Dive into fresh bedding made of natural fibres, sending signals to the body that it’s entering a space of rest and rejuvenation.

Drink-in the cool night air: keeping the bedroom at 17 degrees helps body temperature to drop so we can fall and stay asleep. Infuse your bedtime ritual with sleep-inducing scents: our AMLY Sleep range contains a unique blend of botanicals which support natural sleep and overnight cellular renewal, deeply nourishing your skin while you drift across the border of the waking world and fall into the arms of sleep again.





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