Feet Facts!


1. A human foot & ankle is a strong, mechanical structure that contain 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments.

2. The foot accounts for 25% of the bones in the human body.

3. There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands on a pair of feet. They can produce as much as half a pint of moisture each day.

4. Many people have one foot larger than the other, so it’s best to fit the larger one while standing.

5. Standing in one spot is far more tiring than walking because the demands are being made on the same few muscles for a longer length of time.

6. The average person will walk around 115,000 miles in a life time, that’s more than four times around the earth.

7. 3 out of 4 Americans experience serious foot problems in their lifetime.

8. Your feet mirror your general health. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet – so foot ailments can be your first sign of more serious medical problems.

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