Finding Versatility For Your Footwear

Versatility for Your Footwear

Fashion is dictated by the runway; style is what we do with it. And with thousands upon thousands of shoes out there, there are just as many ways we can interpret fashion and create our own style.

With the simple tie of shoelaces, you can turn a cocktail outfit into street-smart fashion. Exchanging heels for high-tops, you can transform an outfit, but just as easily as you can transform an outfit, your shoes have the ability to be transformed. One day one pair can serve as boat shoes, the next walking shoes.

Dress shoes with a three-piece versus dress shoes with a sports blazer have a significantly differently impact, sending a different message. And the possibilities go on.

Today we’re going to find versatility for your footwear. This not only adds longevity for your shoes but gives you an opportunity to think outside the shoe box.


There’s a Parisian opinion that states if the skirt is above the knee you wear flats, anything below you pull out the heels.

And while a pair of heels can transform a skirt or dress into a date night staple (something Cinderella’s godmother taught us early on), pairing those same shoes with jeans can give you an edgy, enviable look.

Now that we’ve taken heels off the runway, let’s see where else we can and cannot (or should not) wear them.

Finding versatility for your feet

Harem Pants: yes. They can take a casual yet exotic look and elevate the outfit.

Sweatpants: no. There’s a reason they’re called sweatpants.

Dress Pants: yes. Nearly anything that has the word dress in it or has to do with dressing up can be paired with heels.

Board Shorts: no. Actually with many beach or summer lounging outfits, heels are not terrain friendly.

Leggings & Exercise Gear: no. The word exercise generally implies the need for sneakers. Have you tried running in heels?


Trekking through the woods? Going mountain climbing? Traction, support and coverage are key words. Flats are made for flat surfaces and also for…

Shorts: yes. Shorts embody a carefree look, as do flats.

Snowsuits: no. If you’re encountering inclement weather or have to wear multiple layers of socks – flats should stay in your closet for several more weeks.

Skirts & Dresses: yes. They are called ballet flats for a reason. Inspired by a dancing empire, they are perfect for a romantic twirl or a soft, sweet look.


The most beloved, go-to shoe in the USA, we use them for running, jogging, lounging, walking and countless other activities. Here’s a few ways to know if your sneakers can pull off this fundamental piece.

Spandex: yes. If you own anything with spandex (polyester, acrylic, etc.,) then there’s a high percentage of you being able to wear sneakers with this material because chances are it’s the main fabric of your gym clothes.

Dress Pants: no. Just as we said wearing heels with anything dressy is good, wearing sneakers with dressy clothes will often create an unnecessary fashion faux pas. A dress shoe can work with casual attire to give it some pep to its step, however, it doesn’t work in reverse. Sneakers, flip flops, crocs, sandals with socks, the list goes on. This shoe crime, as we like to call it, happens far too often but can be easily remedied. You can still dress up but find a dressed down type of footwear through loafers or boat shoes.

Now that we’ve got the conversation going we’d love to see how you turn your solemate into versatile styles. Maybe you have the ability to rock sweatpants and heels? We’d love to see how you pair your ELM Shoes, so send us a Shoefie!

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