Giving Your Old Boots The Boot!


Phrase: give the boot/give somebody the boot

Definition: (informal) to end a relationship with someone

We’ve all outgrown our shoes at one point and time. Our tastes have changed drastically. From superhero character shoes, light up shoes to keeping up with the trends, we’ve had to introduce our feet to many styles. Moreover, as adults when we finally invest in a pair of work boots we are making a bold statement. It’s the beginning of a relationship. We do our research. We get advice from peers and salespeople. We make the purchase, and we go to work with the proper support. A few years pass. Now what? A few scuffs turn into torn then missing laces after which the front of our shoe completely is severed from the sole. Is it then time to sever the relationship?

How to know you need to end a relationship with your shoes:

If you’re reading this: Congratulations. Click those dilapidated heels up in the air; you landed on the right page!

If your weight has fluctuated: Whether you lose or gain weight, this can make an impression and negatively affect the pressure you put on your boot.

If your tread is gone: The reason tread exists, specifically with work boots, is for traction. Overtime it wears away. Unlike a knife that can be sharpened on a similar object to revive its dulled existence, there is nothing to restore the rubber. The more you walk, the worse it gets.

If your job has changed: Results may vary. Different environments will lead to either a longer or shorter lifespan. If you are a contractor, forester, mason, – if you hold any one of those titles, your boot purchase may be persuaded in this way, however switching occupations will be prevalent. Also, if you’re a painter, don’t be surprised to find a few specks of said medium clinging to the exterior of your boot. A farmer, err…

If the leather starts deteriorating or the toe of your boots separate from your sole: Natural wear and tear is expected to happen. Sometimes even encouraged. Some people shape the bill of their hat or like to wear their jeans in, likewise walk in their boots until they mold to their feet – but worn through boots are not an option. When the exterior of your boot begins to converge with the interior; no. Furthermore, duck tape is not the answer.


If you out-walk its average pedometer: Just like a car lasts so many miles, your boots can withstand so many miles. It’s said the average boot under average work circumstances can stand the pressure of 300-500 miles.

If your suspension and compression are gone: If you feel rocks rather than foam or support… you already know the answer. If there is too much wiggle room and you have lost your ankle support – a most integral component next to the tread. Think of it this way – if your dog walks you? You are not a pet owner. If your shoes wear you? You don’t have boots anymore.

It’s occasions and instances like these that you give the boot to your boots and find a pair that fits. And at ELM Shoes…IT Fits. Always.

It’s never too late to begin a new relationship, so come in to get a consultation to find your pair of secure, comfortable boots.

-Your Missing Sock

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