HAC yourself Flawless!


I cannot tell you how much I love this technique!

Highlighting and Contouring (AKA HAC-ing) is the most miraculous thing about makeup.
This is the magic that makes celebrity skin and face look flawless.


With no plastic surgery her nose looks MUCH smaller, her face looks more chiseled and her cheekbones look much higher.



Now, she is obviously A LOT tanner but aside from that, notice her nose, cheeks, and basic structure of her face…
A lot of people are afraid of it but the ONE thing that should possibly scare you about HAC-ing is that you will get addicted!

In this before and after below the only difference is HAC

Notice how much straighter my nose looks? I never realized how crooked it is!
You guys are going to love it.

You don’t HAVE to HAC every day….Just promise me you’ll try it at least once!

I used:
theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Fresh Pink
Clinique Even Better Concealer
Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing in Diffuse

I tried to find a brush set that would be as similar as possible:
SEPHORA COLLECTION Rose Gold Mineral Brush Set

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