How To Pull Off Socks And Sandals (You Can’t)


If you’re about to publicly brave the dry or wetlands of the world with Crocs™ and socks. Don’t.

If you’re about to travel out of the house with thong sandals and socks. Don’t.

If you’re about to tighten those Velcro® straps of your fisherman sandals over a pair of socks. Don’t.

If you’re about to slide your calf-high socked feet into shower sandals. Don’t.

If you have a pair of socks in one hand and sandals in the other. Abort; Drop. One. Of. Them.

Unfortunately, the answer to solving this dilemma isn’t as simple as the process of elimination. Coco Chanel once advised women, “Before leaving the house; a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Men, on the other hand, or foot in this instance, have to decide: reputation vs. traditional obligatory socks and sandals.

Fathers. Sons. Brothers. Married Men. Single Men. (Now you know why you are the latter, perhaps.) This summer give your feet a chance to do what they were born to do. Breathe. And allow shoes the opportunity to enhance your style. Not trip you up.

Want to know how to wear socks and sandals? You can’t. So here are six summer styles any man can pull off, um, on.


Summer is a time your socks play peekaboo with the sun. If you absolutely must wear them, no one should be able to see them.

  • Adventure Sandals: Up for an adventure? These sandals accept your challenge. Climate, terrain, altitude, their attitude and style is supportive of your endeavor – so long as you don’t steal TEVA’s thunder and wear sock’s under their rubber glory, that is. And of course, so long as you remember these are sports-oriented shoes. Not to be confused with special occasion footwear!
  • Birkenstocks: Just when you think these sandals are buried away, they come back with a vengeance. You don’t have to have a man bun, be a vegan or a nomad to appreciate the rustic craftsmanship to balance your well-groomed look. Urban. City. Country. Figure out what clothes you want to wear and complete the overall wardrobe look with this distinct organic footwear.
  • Boat Shoes: You don’t have to be on the shore to appreciate this design. Live a landlocked lifestyle? Thanks to the variety of colors, leathers and other breathable materials, these shoes enable you to walk in comfort and confidence. Borrowing from the carefree seaside model, the slip-on capabilities for easy on-the-go living is the perfect summer solution for indulging in your seasonal bucket list. Whether you’re sporting a quintessential skipper or golfer look or adding layers by nightfall, your Boat Shoes are the most trustworthy sidekick.
  • Loafers: Don’t let the name fool you. These shoes are a step above your normal summer style. Great for going out when you feel like lounging around, you can impress your dinner date, your in-laws, your superior or just enjoy feeling top notch without the feeling of pinched toes. (Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to show a little skin! Roll those pant legs up an inch or make sure you wear straight and fitted cut pants with your shirt tucked in and accessorize with a belt to match your loafers. Summer may be a time to cut loose, but you don’t have to cut out your style!)
  • Low-Top Canvas Sneakers: Summer is all about low maintenance with big flair. While your summer exercise routine may overflow from the gym to the great outdoors, your casual shoes should clearly be separated. With Low-Top Canvas Sneakers in a neutral shade, you can wear jeans, linen pants, chinos, shorts, even long pants rolled up to look shorter. The versatility with a simple sneaker is endless. (Again, if you do pair with socks, hide ‘em.)
  • Leather Thong Sandals (Flip Flops): The difference between rubber flip flops and a leather pair is the difference between riding first class and coach. And even if one pair is more comfortable to wear – we can’t determine that for you – nine times out of ten, the leather pair is more comfortable on our eyes. It’s first class! And this summer, First Class is in. At least wherever you are going. Leather can always boost an otherwise bland look. No only is leather more durable, but often companies will manufacture more ergonomic options.

Not only are these six summer alternatives to the sandal and sock combo, but these are six footwear staples that any man could or should have in his closet.

Don’t be a walking cliché anymore or allow summer fashion to rule you. With these options you can rule summer and start walking, jogging, running, trekking…moving in confidence.

When it comes to moving sans socks, no baby steps. Rip those socks off like you would a bandage and start living summer in abandon. Not sure which pair suits your personality most? ELM Shoes can help find your Fit.

Until then…


-Your Missing Sock

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