“I don’t care” Hair.

After a particularly lonely and friendless 7th grade year in which the friends from my neighborhood informed me that we could only associate outside school limits, I made a decision.
I was going to become cool.
I figured it was an attainable goal.
I’d get my older sister to help me with my hair and makeup, get some fancy new (name brand, of course) clothes and chum up with the popular kids.
Easy right?

Of course, my folks have 8 kids and weren’t in the business of shelling out the big bucks for school clothes, even for high aspirations like mine. Which meant in I’d have to work for my dad ALL SUMMER in the blazing heat as a stone mason to get properly outfitted for popularity. (by stone mason I mean, I handed him things and told him when lunch was….and by ALL SUMMER I mean for a couple of weeks. Still, a couple of weeks in 115 degrees FEELS and awful lot like ALL SUMMER)


So I’m walking into my first day of 8th grade in my very cutest outfit. (Calvin Kline jeans from Costco, a collard blue shirt and a brand new pair of Doc Martins) my hair perfectly styled (a bob with bangs) and I even got Rachel to do my makeup so, I’m feeling pretty good about now…until I realize that all the popular girls were effortlessly dressed in  tank tops and basketball shorts and were, like, really embarrassed for those of us that cared so much about the first day of school.
I was in way over my head.

Not caring is the like, coolest thing you can possibly do from about 7th grade to marriage.
It can be faked, but some of us just don’t have the will power. (me)
But if I were to go back, I’d  employed this tutorial, a t-shirt and boyfriend jeans (so fashion forward) and I’d be like “what!? I didn’t even do my hair, it just dries like this.”
And they’d believe me and that’s what I love about this hair do.

Undone messy waves tutorial

I used a 1″ curling iron but it could be larger that that, try it first with whatever you have before getting a new one:)



PS My shirt is From Nasty Gal HERE

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