Insulation Awareness: Staying Warm Through Inclement Weather

Insulation Awareness

It stings the toes and bites the nose, isn’t just a lyric sung at the commencement of Christmas festivities. It’s a real issue during the winter season. Snow, sleet, rain, wind and temperatures that cause bumps to raise on our skin. Our life revolves around one thought: how to say warm.

If your feet aren’t warm, it’s hard to maintain a healthy body temperature. Cold feet can lead to catching a cold as a loss of heat in your feet causes a change in your entire body, specifically your nose. When this happens, your immune system is more susceptible to catch a virus.

But through proper accessories and footwear, you can combat sickness and inclement weather and stay warm and dry all season long.

SOCKS: Similar to when you insulate your home, done properly and with quality materials, you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The same goes for your feet with wool socks. Retaining heat during the coldest of days, even if you suffer from sweaty feet, wool absorbs moisture before you even begin to feel it. Darn Tough Sock’s Merino wool enhances the lifetime comfort, durability and style and is the perfect alternative to layering cotton socks that may become damp and suffer from the fear of frostbite.

INSULATION: Whether removable or emulating the fluff inside a Kamik – Eskimo boots – insulation is the difference between rain boots and survival of the fittest. Depending on where you live or the activities you encounter, inspecting the pair of boots or shoes you are purchasing for the temperature ratings is essential. Spending time hiking, hunting or outdoors extensively in locations with consistently below freezing temps? Look for footwear that protects against the negatives. In addition, you can find GORE-TEX® lined boots that are waterproof. When the boot has a leather upper, this prevents moisture from seeping through.

INSOLES: Insoles, like shoes, need to be custom fitted. Made from foam or gel, they offer stability aligning your ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders. Over time, this corrects many facets in a misaligned body and just as we discovered by wearing socks, a healthy body is a warm body.

Insulation Awareness

FIT: When you try your shoes on, always ensure there is wiggle room. Not only can pain and ulcers be a direct result, but tight shoes inhibit the ability to wear socks leaving your feet cold and miserable. Once you have an expert find the right fit for you, ensure you always tie your shoe correctly, especially if it’s wet outside.

CONDITION: Weather your shoes. Conditioning your boots throughout the seasons provides longevity to your shoes and ensures that the soles, silhouettes, uppers and laces all remain superior and reliable. Thus your feet will stay dry, warm and healthy. Polishing leather, spraying suede, addressing salt stains, replacing laces; even upgrading the shoes themselves.

Need help in choosing insulated footwear or in choosing a pair of Darn Tough festive socks? Look no further. ELM Shoes has your feet covered.

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