The wild abundant landscape of our farm in Sussex is a place of provenance. We source not only ingredients from the land itself but also inspiration: in the heart of the aroma you will discover the heart of the land that led us on this journey. Each product in our beauty line emanates its unique floral signature whilst being unmistakably AMLY.

A rich understanding of the sensitivity of our ingredients to movement and heat, as well as the way they combine for maximum therapeutic effect, is a hugely important part of our work. We create and use the highest-grade essential oils, extracts and ingredients available, and place as much value in the sensitivity of the way the plants are grown and picked, as to how they are stirred and handled throughout each phase of the process. Our Bio-Fermented Facial Essences and follow an intricate process from the heart of the AMLY meadow to the palm of your hand. These concentrated formulas boost and deepen the effects of AMLY’s silver- rich face mists.

A star ingredient of our Meadow Dew Bio-Fermented Essence is British native mallow, while for our Nocturnal Nectar it is healing honey. Marvellous mallow gently works against irritation and inflammation and is deeply moisturising, soothing and plumping. Honey is known for its tissue-regenerating and clarifying properties. Once the mallow is gathered and dried, and the honey collected from the beehives, they are introduced into unfiltered bio-fermented apple cider vinegar made on the farm.

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