Our relationship with water

“ In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.” Khalil Gibran

Water is a limitless shapeshifter. It’s constantly in motion, moving seamlessly through boundaries, from the rivers and streams that flow across the earth’s landscapes, to the tears that spring into the world from the depths of body, to the water that rises up from the vast expanse of the seas into the clouds and back down again, bringing nourishment to the plants that sustain life.

The surface of the planet is 75% water and our bodies contain 50-65%. This ever-flowing resource ebbs and flows through our lives in endlessly unseen ways, within its translucence it can capture colours, flavours, feelings, and healing medicines: it truly is one of nature’s most exquisite gifts.

Robert McFarlane’s joyous book of wild language ‘Landmarks’ illuminates a time when our relationship with water was a much more intimate one. When encountering it at source on a daily basis, we developed an intricacy and richness of language to describe it in all its forms.

England is still home to 1000’s of ancient natural springs and ‘holy wells’. Their waters emanate from deep within the bedrock, and emerge in a pristine state untouched by the exterior world and were daubed the ‘elixir of the Earth’ by our ancestors who were profoundly aware of their healing properties, creating shrines and making offerings to the water gods and goddesses to express their gratitude.

At AMLY we invited a renowned water diviner to our organic farm who discovered a mineral-rich underground water source flowing beneath our ancient meadow. We’ve harnessed this symbiotic union between the untouched spring waters from deep within the earth and the abundance of organic wildflowers above, enhancing them with new generation plant-based bioactives to create a beauty line that replenishes and protects your skin while connecting you to the healing properties of this precious resource with every drop you encounter.

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