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Founded by Juan Peran in 1984, Pikolino’s is a family-owned and operated business. While their main office is in Spain, and originally the shoes were made for their local area, they have expanded over the years. Today, 80% of what they make is exported to the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and Russia.

These shoes are designed using natural, water-based dyes, and Pikolino’s own tanned leather (yes, you heard that right–they tan their own leather to maintain quality and uniqueness, as well as to give it a buttery-soft feel!). Additionally, they use a natural drying process, which involves hanging the leather to dry at room temperature so that the right tones are achieved in the time needed. These dyes produce beautiful, rich and distinctive colors, making each shoe a statement piece—one that is sure to go with any outfit!

Using the same process, Pikolino’s makes their own purses as well. Each piece has its own unique set of features, and pockets using the same naturally dyed and tanned leather. These handbags can either match the shoes – or in contrast – make a statement, depending on which color you choose! They have received many awards, several of which certify quality in their manufacturing and marketing processes. From small purses to large bags, and from boots to sandals to Mary-Janes, you can’t go wrong with Pikolino’s!

Not only does this brand create beautiful shoes and purses, they also give back to the community as well. They have an ecological line of shoes that aids in the furtherment of environmentally conscious products and mindsets. Furthermore, the Juan Peran Foundation and Solidarity foundation were created to give back, as Pikolino’s continues to advance their efforts in making an impact on the world. These foundations give support to social, cultural and sport development projects in other countries, as well as to provide jobs to those in need, especially those with special needs or who are at risk of social exclusion. They see the bigger picture, beyond just ‘the product’, and try their best to help these individuals achieve more in their lives as well.

From the natural dyes to the personally-tanned leather, Pikolino’s makes quality shoes for men and women around the world as they make an impact in the lives of others along the way.

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