Radiate with the revitalising essence of spring

In spring we are reminded of the revitalising, regenerative capacity of nature as she paints a picture of rising out of the dark of winters sleep, sprouting, fresh, new lively growth through a whole host of colours, shapes, textures and scents. From the twinkling white stars which adorn the hawthorn hedgerows, to the delicious, elegant beauty of the pink and white apple blossom, nature’s natural beauty radiates freely in the light and growing warmth of the spring time days.

People too have this spring like capacity to regenerate and revitalise themself, but it doesn’t come easy. Pressures of everyday and old habitual ways of being often damp our natural liveliness, so just as the gardener pulls the weeds and keeps the pests away to allow the more beautiful plants to grow, so too people can weed out old, sluggish habits and take up daily rhythms, routines and exercises, which cultivate and bring into expression their more lively, natural self.

For example, we can follow the natural movements of spring with the following movement exercise, it’s called the Path of the rising sun. Here, just as the plants rise, and extend upwards with the path of the sun, so too we hang down as though still asleep, and as we picture the rising sun, so we extend and rise, out and upwards, opening into the light and warmth of the day. With practice, and attention to the picture of the rising sun, a subtle inner feeling for extending outwards, lifting up into a lighter, fresher new space arises. With this we begin to revitalise and radiate the new, fresh essence of spring.

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