The bigger the better.

First things first. My disclaimer:
I hear women concerned about having eyes that are “far too small” all the time.
I don’t know who or where the idea came from that certain things on your face should be big and others should be small.
Who makes these decisions?
Some people have big eyes and others have smaller eyes. Some have big lips others do not.
All it takes is one season of Beverly Hills Housewives to realized that some faces just look better with small lips!
There is not one right answer for everyone here…
but…if you want to play up your eyes and make them look GIGANTIC once in a while, I totally support you in that.
So here’s how you do it:
These ideas are easy to follow and will make a HUGE difference!
1. HAC your eyes.
Yep, Highlighting and contouring isn’t just for your cheekbones, it works on your peepers as well. Using Mac Charcoal Brown and a fluffy brush (I;m obsessed with this little kit) I shaded in a high crease right beneath my brow bone and draw it out beyond the end of my eyes. My actual crease is actually much closer to my lash line so when I draw it up and out it created the effect of a larger more prominent eye.
Tricks for making your eyes look huge!

Next I shade fairly low under my bottom lash line. As opposed to a dark black line this will open the eyes up.
I LOVE drawing black liner in my waterline because I like the way it looks and the way it makes my eyes pop, but for making the eyes look big, skip that step:)

Tricks for making your eyes look huge!

2. Draw in a high arch with your brows.
When filling in your brows, try drawing in above the brow on the arch. This makes an eye opening effect and bring the attention right where you want it.
High arch! Makes your eyes look big!

3.  Whiten the waterline
Use a light colored pencil to fill in your waterline. I prefer to use off white or cream liners, cause they look more natural and grow your eyeball area without being bright and drawing attention to the actual line, like white can sometimes do.

Tricks for making your eyes look huge!

4. The Lashes…Of course
I added these lash strips to my top lashes, which really helps, but the kicker is the lower lashes. If you you’ve never tried them you need to give it a shot. They take some time and are not an every day thing but for a special occasion they make a HUGE difference. These are my favorite.

Tricks for making your eyes look huge!

1. I dab Duo glue on my hand, with tweezers to hold the cluster I dip the root into the glue
2. After a few seconds to let it get tacky I stick the root into my lash line and hold for a second.
3. I continue the same thing with anything from 3-8 clusters (depending on how dramatic I want it) most people have more under lashes than I do so you will probably need less;)
(I’m planning to do this in a video for any of you who would prefer that to the pictorial)

Enjoy your big huge baby doll eyes!
See ya tomorrow,


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