Tying The Knot


Don’t sit too close to the TV.

Don’t sit near a window during a thunderstorm.

Don’t go swimming after eating a big meal.

Don’t eat paste.

And don’t leave your shoelaces untied when running – you’ll trip and break an arm, or two.

These are the basic everyday rules we grew up with, and the next generation has now inherited.

And while we may be rebels and swim after consuming a 1200 calorie meal, one thing we did learn is that living life on the edge with untied laces isn’t worth it.

So we gave in and learned the nursery rhymes that enabled us to remember exactly how to keep our shoes tied so we could be registered in Kindergarten with the big kids.


But here we are, decades later to realize having to bend over several times a day retying, humming the bunny poem (Over, under, around and through, Meet Mr. Bunny, pull and through.) might not be the most productive way to spend our walk through the park. And why? Because we’ve been tying it wrong all along.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when next you head out the house:

The Granny Knot: The most common knot, it is also the most common reason for causing knots to coming undone. It is easily recognized by the bow sitting vertically (heel to toe). Moreover, it’s easily fixed by reversing one stage of the Starting Knot.

The Starting Knot: Imagine you’re holding your feet captive in your shoes – you need to use a secure knot, so the laces don’t come undone through your daily, rigorous activities. When you’re tying your shoelaces and tie both the starting and finishing knot in the same direction, not only does the knot sit unbalanced, but it comes easily undone.


Balancing the Difference: Tying the laces in opposite directions cancel out each other, resulting in an even knot that lies evenly (horizontally) across the shoe. While the tying technique may be subtle, the overall outcome and security are significant.

So next time you have cold feet, your shoes are probably not tied correctly. Join ELM Shoes as we tie the knot for a more accurate fit…

-Your Missing Sock

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