Wild Mallow – a ‘cure all’

Whosoever shall take a spoonful of the Mallows shall that day be free from all diseases that may come to him.
– Pliny AD 23–79

Known as Althaea Officinalis, its name comes from the Greek, altho (to cure), while its order, Malvaceae, comes from the word malake (soft). These softening and healing properties of mallow were widely known and valued in ancient times, from the Celts to the Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians used the root of the plant to soothe coughs and sore throats and to heal wounds. They were also the first to combine the root pulp with honey, creating a highly revered delicacy, which was reserved as an offering for the gods and royalty. Wild Mallow is a natural skin hydrator because of its emoliency and so is an excellent addition to AMLY’s Meadow Dew bio-fermented facial essence, which is especially beneficial for sensitive skins prone to irritation and inflammation.

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