Product Review - BEASEN Weighted Blanket

Product Review - BEASEN Weighted Blanket

Today, we're sharing a product review about the BEASEN Weighted Blanket

While getting a good sleep is vital to your health, many of us do not get enough. With a wide range of sleep-disorders and discomforts, many try every alternative from OTC and prescription medication to changes in diet, exercise, and modification to their daily routines. Recently, there has been the introduction of a new alternative to promote better sleep, one in which promises quick results without modification to your current routine and promises a more restful and deep sleep, the weighted blanked.


The theory is that a weighted blanket, which comes in a variety of sizes and weights, hugs a sleeper, and provides a feeling of security, while preventing some common sleep disruptions, such as tossing and turning. As a result, the sleeper feels more secure, sleeps deeper and for longer periods of time.


Because a good night sleep is very important for our overall health, I was super excited to put this to the test so purchased the Beasen weighted blanket!While weighted blankets come in a variety of sizes and weights, the general rule of thumb is to choose one that is 10% of your ideal body weight so went with the 15 lb60'X80' blanket.




One of the most surprising things I found when receiving the blanket is just how much it did weigh in the small Amazon box! All of 15 lbs was there and accounted for!


Upon opening the package, the blanket is packaged like most comforters and came in a clear plastic case with a zipper. The blanket itself was nicely folded with cardboard so makes it super easy to unpack.



Tucked in the blanket itself is a warranty card with a series of QR codes from everything from a 99 day warranty extension to washing instructions and a code for free gifts.



One of the first things I was most excited about was to feel the blanket itself. The blanket was layered with ultra-breathable cotton fabric, and Hypo-allergenic polyester padding (Shell: 100% cotton Filling: 100% polyester padding). It felt like a nice hybrid between a sheet and comforter so came out of packaging with little to no wrinkles. When you feel on each pocket, you can clearly feel small beads that attribute to the weight of the product. These are made of and millions of non-toxic odorless glass beads.



Product Features & Performance


Now came the test.While most blankets and comforters are too stiff to use right out of the packaging, this was not the case with this product so went right into trying it out. Having a king-sized bed, the 60X80 inch size did not cover the entire bed, but still was plenty of blanket for full single person coverage. Surprisingly for the weight of this blanket, it is very thin and well-constructed.



Now for the moment of truth! Once I laid down and put the blanket on me, this was like nothing I had ever felt before. While I expected the blanket to feel very hot because of the weight, it was surprisingly cool.The fabric itself felt good on the skin and the weight was equally distributed, which gave a great sense of security without feeling suffocated.I didn't feel too hot, nor too cold, it was a perfect balance.The blanket was not stiff at all and perfectly conformed to my body. With the smaller grids, I felt the weight was evenly distributed and felt a deep pressure throughout my body.



The sensation itself really did make me feel secure and more comfortable than what I am currently using and again was like nothing I had experienced before. While I was skeptical and thought the weighted blanket hype was a fad, I really did feel much different than anything else I had tried in the past.As someone that tosses and turns and rarely sleeps on my back, the pressure kept me from constantly moving, which in turn helped me sleep deeper.



As far as cleaning, the website offers several options on how to keep your blanket performing as long as possible. The site offers instruction on how to hand wash, machine wash, and remove stains based on both the weight of the blanket and the outer covering, which I found to be very helpful!

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