Product Review - DBPOWER HD WiFi Endoscope

Product Review - DBPOWER HD WiFi Endoscope

Today, we're sharing a product review about the DBPOWER HD WiFi Endoscope.

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This DBPOWER WF-200 endoscope was purchased from Amazon and represents the product available to the general public.




From the manual


  • 2-megapixel camera
  • 1600x1200YUV or 1280x720 MUPG
  • 1600x1200 photo resolution
  • 1280x720 video resolution
  • 60-degree view angle
  • 3-6 cm (1.18-2.36 inch) focal distance
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Connect to phone or computer via USB or Wi-Fi


I found these specs to generally be accurate.I could get a clear image from approximately 1.5 to 3 inches from the object to be viewed.This worked well with the lighting and gave a good field of view.I was not able to access any of the 1600x1200 modes with the Android software.For photos and videos, 1280x720 was the highest resolution available and provides clear images.


Here is the video about endoscope features:



What's in the box?


The scope arrives in a small, plain box with warranty information on the front, showing a free gift and a 1-year warranty for registering the product.



Inside you will find:


  • Endoscope with semi-rigid cable and light control.(The cable is 9 feet 4 inches from camera lens to the light adjustment.The camera is 0.337 inches in diameter.)
  • Wi-Fi/battery/LED light head unit
  • Mirror attachment
  • Magnet attachment
  • Hook attachment
  • 45-inch-long telescoping wand with special camera connector
  • USB adapter to allow connecting the scope directly to a laptop
  • Small CD-ROM of PC software
  • Owner's manual





Setup is easy.Simply scan the QR code for Android or iOS as needed.I used a Samsung S9 for my testing.The MoView software installed quickly and ran without issue.





There are three controls on the unit.


  • 1.Rotating control on the cable to set the brightness of the LEDs at the camera from 0 to 100%.
  • 2.Slide switch on the head unit to turn the small led flashlight on and off.
  • 3.Pushbutton which has two functions:
  • Quick press to light the 1 to 4blue LEDs that show battery remaining
  • Long press to turn on the unit and start broadcasting its Wi-Fi signal.Long press again to turn the scope off.


Charging the endoscope


Charge the battery using the built-in cable before using the scope for the first time.When fully charged the unit will run for approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much power is consumed by the camera's LEDs.Charging the battery takes 2.75 hours.Charging draws 400mA from a laptop USB port or a high current phone charger and does taper off to a tiny trickle charge when the battery is full.My USB power meter showed 814mAh into the unit from empty to fully charged.


Using the endoscope


The scope connects to the phone via a local Wi-Fi network.Turn on the scope by holding the power button until the red light comes on.Wait a minute or two for the unit to initialize, and then look for its network on the phone.Select the network and enter the password as shown in the manual.Password protection is a nice added feature, not found on other endoscopes I've used.



Once connected to the scope, open the MoView software.There are four main controls:


  • Take photo
  • Take video
  • Review photos/videos
  • Settings – remember to acknowledge the change.For example, when changing resolution press the 'Modify Resolution' button to accept the change before leaving the setup screen




The scope's view is always seen live in the software.Movement is fluid and there is little lag between movement and the resulting image change on the screen.This makes it easy to move the camera around to get the proper view or to use the attachments to retrieve lost objects, pull wires, etc.The software responded immediately to button presses.


Photo and video quality are good.320x240 photos are somewhat grainy as expected but are useable and a good way to save storage space on your mobile device.The 640x480 and 1280x720 images are clear, as shown below to compare their field of view.The two photos were taken with the camera 2.5 inches from the circuit board without moving the camera or target.



The lens is surrounded by six LEDs to provide lighting bright enough to see in complete darkness.



The camera head has a recessed band which is used with the attachments.Each attachment and the wand have a ring which fits into this band on the camera and firmly locks in place.The camera is attached to the wand in this photo.



The cable is semi-rigid, meaning it can be bent to hold a shape but is flexible enough to be pushed through pipes with bends.Up to 16 inches can be extended horizontally while unsupported before the cable begins to droop.



This allows the cable to be pushed upward into walls or other open spaces.The magnet is strong enough to retrieve objects such as the 3/4-inch-long bolt at the bottom of a 29-inch pipe as seen in the video. The second video is pushing the camera along a horizontal pipe showing how it can be rotated to get a clear view of the target.

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