Product Review - Insulated Grocery Bag

Product Review - Insulated Grocery Bag

Today, we're sharing a product review about the Insulated Grocery Bag.

As a consumer, you always want to find a way to be more environmentally conscious. One of those ways we can make an impact is by reducing the usage of plastics and especially plastic bags. Because of this, I was looking to find a great alternative to the typically used reusable bags. While effective, I find they did not keep my cold foods cold and my hot foods hot (especially during hot summer months) and never seemed to be large enough for my grocery shopping. After looking at many options I found the extra-large reusable totes, that both offer size, flexibility and insulation.




When the bags were received, I was surprised at just how small and compact the packaging was. Both bags arrived in their collapsed state and together. The bags were covered in a white protective outer bag and then in protective cellophane. Once I opened the packaging, I expanded each bag out and observed their quality. The bags size is roughly 16"W x 13"H x 9"D, which is far bigger than most reusable bags. I also noticed the insulation within the bag itself.




Product Features:


Upon unwrapping the packaging, the first things I notice were just how big the bags are and the simple, but delicate design. The outer design was rugged and not flimsy like their reusable bag counterparts. The fabric on the outside was flexible, and there is a very nice embroidery on the packaging.



The fabric when you feel it feels durable but also easy to clean off if you have an unfortunate accident due to its water-resistant design. The fact that the fabrics and sides were flexible makes it easier for me to carry odd shaped objects such as pizza boxes and those things that I am typically unable to accommodate for with typical reusable bags (especially large pizza boxes). The handles were long enough to be able to drape them over my shoulder and still not be restricted in my movement. The bags themselves can also accommodate up to 40 lbs without any issues to the product.


An issue I always seem to run into is zippers, especially with a bag with this large of capacity. I noticed the zipper design was study and solid, and zipped up with no issues on the first try.



The insulation was throughout the entire bag, which is great in sealing in the cool and keeping out the heat. Many other products fall short by having insulation on the sides but not the top of the bag.



Performance and User Experience:


For performance, I loaded this bag up with several freezer items. Even loading the bag with my frozen groceries from my shopping trip, I still had plenty of room to add more. The zipper closed with ease, and the bag was easy to carry. A concern I always have is overloading bags and having the handles rip, but with this design, the handles didn't feel like they were getting ripped and was comfortable to carry on my shoulder.



After loading my groceries, I wanted to see if after time inside and out they products would still be frozen. Here in St. Louis, Missouri, the heat is around 92-95, so set the bag out both before and after loading. After 45 minutes, I was pleasantly surprised that the products were still in their intact frozen state, with no disturbance to the product.



After usage, another great feature I found is the storage. Because these folds flat, they are easy to store in the trunk or in a pantry and take up little room. I also appreciate that these are multi-purpose. In a bind, I was able to use this bag as a beverage cooler for our hot days out by the pool which kept my beverages cool and undisturbed.


In general, this is a great all-purpose bag for many everyday needs. The rugged design ensures your cold foods stay cold, and your hot foods stay hot. Both easy to store and easy to carry, this bag has quickly become my go-to when it comes to all things food and non-food transportation related.


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